The Modern Ways Of PHP Development


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The times have changed and one of the reasons for this change is because of PHP evolving with the changing times.


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The Modern Ways Of PHP  Development

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The times have changed and one of the reasons for this change is because of PHP evolving with the changing times. And it has got many more interesting ways of development now. The best practices of PHP development that I will be discussing today are already being exploited by the  PHP Development Experts  across the globe . Let us understand how with the changing times, PHP and its community have upgraded its style and way of PHP development and is resorting to modern practices of PHP development.

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1. Setting Defaults With the passage of time, even PHP development experts are taking development in PHP from a different perspective trying to bring new techniques. Although the new version of PHP avails developers to build with amazing default features that makes development process faster and simpler. The defaults offered by PHP are great because you don’t set a date/ time zone which makes easier for distribution.

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1. Setting Defaults Few Suggested Settings: Data.timezone – Choose from list of time zones Session.save_path – if you are using session from the handler, then set this to the outside of “/ tmp .” Although leaving “/ tmp ” on a shared host can leave you vulnerable. Session.cookie_secure – servers PHP code over HTTPS Use iniscan for testing configuration

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2. Upgrade to the Current Version This is universally important for any  technology  that you are using. For this reason, I suggest using the current version because then you get all the benefits of the new version. The reason for not upgrading can be many, but no one thinks to change and thus your website is unable to make the most of the PHP binaries. It makes the overall performance good where you have better security, new features, bug fixes and updates.

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3 . Using Composer Basically , the PHP composer allows you to install libraries for your development project. The two main categories of dependencies namely ‘require’ and ‘require-dev’ where it is only installed everywhere. They are tools when the code is under active development. When it comes to  PHP development , there has been much buzz and this is the reason for such change in the development process. 

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3 . Using Composer When a  PHP developer  today develops, then he/ she is extremely benefitted with the modern ways of development where their community is constantly innovating new method and approaches to development in PHP. Also,  Outsourcing PHP Development India  is exploring new heights with the modern ways of PHP development and thus Outsourcing can get you the best of the solutions. Originally published at:

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