Digital Marketing Benefits with WordPress


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When you are selecting a technology platform, generally you are choosing from a technology perspective.


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Digital Marketing Benefits With  WordPress

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When you are selecting a technology platform, generally you are choosing from a technology perspective. I agree that it is of the utmost importance. But as you know when you are catering to B2C segment, then there are set of activities to be performed after building a website for it. Therefore , while selecting a development technology, you need to consider if it suits your marketing/ advertising plan. Moreover, with the growing number of social media users and more people shopping online,  digital marketing  is slowly becoming a necessity.  In this case, WordPress is a well thought platform that caters to the current needs where it offers amazing features for digital marketing. But many WordPress website owners fail to utilize the features of the platform to its full potential. So, I thought of listing down the marketing benefits of the WordPress Technology Platform. 

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Benefits of Digital Marketing with WordPress 1. Improved SEO Capabilities From the search optimization perspective, websites developed with WordPress can provide with easy tagging and optimizing features. With the help of WordPress, you can improve the SEO of your website. Because WordPress provides with convenient third party plug-ins, it is easier to use other plug-in and test the strength of your page and the SEO activities as a part of marketing . WordPress eliminates any content bottlenecks means that content will be updated more often. This will improve rankings. You can easily test the SEO strength of a page or customize the page title and Meta description to optimize your website page . WordPress is automated to handle content traffic, thus your content will be always updated resulting in good impact on the rankings. It also allows having multiple content editors for one website, thus you can make changes on a regular basis and always keep your content in level with the trends .

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Benefits of Digital Marketing with WordPress 2. Conversion from Digital Marketing Calls to Actions are the most important factor for conversions. This is where digital marketing can be very useful. WordPress allows integration of different kind of call to actions where you can track which CTAs work the best for you. As WordPress is a CMS platform, it is easier to convert leads. With the help of tracking your visits, you can have an understanding which content is getting visited and then you can mint on the good content . You can use plug ins to set up call-outs and call to actions like buttons, style boxes to make your website look attractive and also make sure that these Call to Actions look very appealing and compelling enough to drive audience to click on them .

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Benefits of Digital Marketing with WordPress 3. Build Better Communities Community building is one of the a long term goals of digital marketing , this also results in setting trends, bringing more popularity to the brand of online business by creating a community of followers. This elates the digital identity of the brand . For this reason, WordPress proves very useful. With the help of social media channels, you can create a community for your website through the integration of blog plug-ins, social media campaigns and collaborating with social media platform. Blogging is one of the effective ways of digital marketing and with the help of WordPress blog you can create a big community resulting in branding and marketing of your online business. WordPress Blog is being used by more than 70% of bloggers worldwide. WordPress is well known for content management and thus offers easy editing and changes to the content .

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WordPress – A Brilliant CMS Platform With WordPress being one the most preferred CMS platform for website development, it also proves very useful for conducting Marketing activities. So if you think that selecting a platform for website development, then you must give it a thought and talk to a  website development expert  in order to select the right technology that suits the needs of your business and its requirements of marketing and advertising . I have been using WordPress blog for a long time and I highly recommend it as a CMS system. If you have any queries in regard to WordPress Development or CMS development, you can write to me or comment in the section given below. Have a great day!  Originally published at: http://

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