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Apple’s Swift Technology Could Help Android Development For Health Apps

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Among the most preferred technology options, Apple’s Swift Technology is said to resolve development for  Android Apps  for technological backdrops. Swift Technology is known to be a very convenient language for mobile app development in comparison with  iOS  or Java language. Also, someone new to  mobile app development  or coding can also work with Apple’s Swift technology . With the growing demand of health apps since the advent of IoT , the demand for good quality innovative health apps is gaining importance. Considering this, Google plans to bring Swift for Android Apps where IT professionals say that it could prove useful for Health App Development & Android App Development will then explore new horizons.

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Swift – An Open Source Platform Swift is used for Apple device development like iPad and iPhone and is considered to be a very easy programming language. If Swift becomes a part of Android Development, then developers across the globe will feel more comfortable to develop mobile apps for Android and Apple Devices. As they will have to then build only with one easy programming language instead of using two different complex languages in order to develop for both separately.

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Swift – An Open Source Platform Moreover, the learning curve with this collaboration between Google’s Android and Swift Technology can become shorted where new developers will not have to update or learn two languages and will be able to explore possibilities with just one programming language making  mobile app development  really convenient.

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Swift – An Open Source Platform On the other side, there will be one more programming language available for mobile app developers which mean more scope of experiments and improvised IT solutions leading to better innovations tomorrow. This collaboration could mean a wonderful unified base for Google  and Apple where developer communities could have better prospects of sharing bug fixes or security patches.

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Advantages of Swift Technology Easy to Read & Write Less Code & Less Legacy Shorter Code Length Faster & Less Error –Prone Interactive Programming Language

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External Factors IBM & Apple Move with Swift Technology Secure & Avails Smart Script for Tricks Closer to Other Platforms Originally published at: http:// bit.ly/1TmWE5w

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