Having Confusion Between Magento & Opencart ECommerce Store?


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Magento and Opencart are both most popular open source platforms for e commerce development.


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Having Confusion Between Magento & Opencart ECommerce Store ? Magento Opencart

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Magento and Opencart are both most popular open source platforms for e commerce development.  Both of these solutions are capable, however each one has its own strength and weakness that makes them suitable for particular users. Because of their excellence in setting up an online store, users might get confused to choose between the two.

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Let Us Differentiate Between The Two: Hosting plans and options Usage and Features Community Support SEO perspective

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Besides deciding on the eCommerce platform, the quality of the web hosting service purchased also makes a huge difference in the performance of the online store . Magento , as a platform tends to consume a lot of resources, which means, it requires a stronger hosting plan to support the eCommerce store, whereas, Opencart is cheaper to host as its light weight and tends to work better for small to medium sized stores . Hosting Plans And Options

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Usage and Features The main difference between Magento and Opencart can be rooted in their uses and features. Magento has gained worldwide recognition for its ability to do just about anything to build the desired store. IT offers highly customizable shopping experiences, unlimited design options, powerful-SEO resources, and unlimited plugins and integrations .

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Usage and Features Opencart on the Flipside, is a lot easier to program, but has a smaller community basis. IT is good for small sized or start-up businesses that need to deliver quickly without much integration. It offers powerful shopping cart and some good tools that are far more intuitive and straightforward. Professional developers might find it simplistic with few features to play with .

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Community Support Both Opencart and Magento have well-established developer’s community offering support and advice. However, Magento community is far more robust . Magneto certifies and recommends developers to grant them with credibility. Opencart is in the growing stage, as it grows the number of users, providing online users will increase and more tutorials and resources will become available .

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SEO Perspective Opencart has a long way to go, when it comes to SEO, although it takes pride in its SEO friendly URL’s. It has many extensions that can come handy and benefit the developers; however it is nowhere close to the endless possibilities that Magento has to offer, for instance, titles, images, and URL’s.

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Magento is great for large-sized businesses having larger budgets. It has the scalability to support the growth of the business for years to come and support any future needs. Opencart is suitable for an independent store, as it’s intuitive and free to use, with limited choice of features compared to Magento . The above mentioned differences will help determine which platform to choose for the eCommerce business.

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