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Eat to Lose Weight: A Guide to Healthy Food Habits How many times have you wondered before eating anything: Is this good for my health Will this make me fat How many calories does this food have Should I eat less to be thin How many times will I have to crash diet to lose that extra pound Well think no more. We are providing you with some handpicked snel gezond afvallen recepten which not only keeps you fit but also makes your dieting tolerable and quite frankly fun. 1. Breakfast Yogurt Parfait: Packed with protein this breakfast is a healthy alternative to your regular milk and cornflakes. Yogurt provides the protein and helps in digestion keeping your tummy flat. A regular bowl of this provides your body with just 190 calories.

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2. Slow Cooker French Toast Casserole: It maybe surprising for you to know that French toast can help in loosing weight it does if it isn’t fried like regular French toasts. The eggs provide you with proteins which is an essential component for weight loss and the complex carbohydrates in brown bread doesn’t store in your body as fat. At less than 230 calories this is a perfect way to start your day. 3. Italian Sausage and Veggie Pasta: Whole wheat pastas are rich in complex carbohydrates the sausages mushrooms and the vegetables provides your body with protein fiber and vitamins. These keep your stomach fill for a long time coercing your hunger. At 494 calories this is a perfect option for your lunch. 4. Cajun Chicken with Dirty Rice: Prepared with brown rice which is rich in complex carbs it is not stored by your body as excess fat. Mix it with chicken and vegetables you get a dish rich in protein complex carbs and the daily vitamins. This is best to have at lunch and it gives you a healthy food alternative at less than 498 calories. 5. Steak and Pepper Tacos: Steak is perhaps the best natural source of protein you will get. Moreover it provides your body with lean protein which makes it the best option for weight watchers. Sauté the meat and the vegetables in olive oil and you have a perfect lunch on the go. This is a best option if you are an office goer or you have to prepare lunch for your kids. The calorie value is just 509. 6. Melon Breeze Smoothie: Smoothies make up for some good snel afvallen recepten. This melon breeze smoothie is refreshing and with added kale and spinach it is the perfect snack item to be had. It provides just 165 calories so move away from any other snack food items and adopt this in your daily diet. 7. Steamed Chinese Fish Sauté Vegetables:

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Fish is another good source of protein as it contains very little amount of fat. Choose a healthy fish like tuna mackerel or snapper and mix it with some vegetables green vegetables are a must and voila your dish is prepared After a hard days work this is a great option for dinner – quick easy and healthy. This dish is packed at just 279 calories shocking isn’t it Now that you have some great healthy alternatives to your diet don’t be afraid to eat. Remember eating the right food will always help you loose weight. For More Information Visit :- https://www.dieetpaleo.nl/

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