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The emergence of digital media formats, Internet resources and the ability to create digital content through the use of interactive mobile devices like tablets, smart phones and interactive whiteboards have now become a standard feature of every classroom environment. This presentation by Mike King and Jesse West will provide ways to create digital rich interactive lessons. Participants will be provided with various digital tools to construct interactive multimedia rich lessons "From Hyperlinks to Augmented Reality." The simple design method used in the presentation will offer participants an array of ways to access and combine content into a complete seamless direct instructional learning occurrences that focuses on 21st century learning modalities. These modalities of learning are designed for students who need a representational experience, the provision of symbolic figurative occurrences, concrete episodes, abstract developments, and symbolic interactions with their world. Digital tools used in the presentation will include hyperlinks, QR Codes, Videos and Augmented Reality formats such as Aurasma


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Digital Learning Design:

Digital Learning Design Hyperlinks to augmented reality C uriosity

Presentation Resources:

Presentation Resources

What is an interactive lesson?:

What is an interactive lesson? An interactive lesson is the compilation of digital media sources that are combined for the purpose of engaging the learner in various representational experiences that enhances the learning process.


HISTORY OF INTERACTIVE MEDIA Before Hyperlinks Technology provides us with powerful tools to try out different designs Technology is a tool that enhances the medium to produce content for deep knowledge experiences .

PowerPoint Presentation:

How do (did) they Learn? Veterans Boomers Gen X Millennial Rote Memorization Classroom Lecture Workshops Books Manuals Learning through Play Role Play Games Media Centric Software CD’s Videos Toys Games Read Only Web Web 2.0 Wiki’s, Blog’s, Twitter Semantic Web Study Extensive Course Based Learning PowerPoint Hands On Kits Learning is Fun E-Learning All generations can engage in all types of learning and media. This info-graphic points out only those methods/media that were common during a generations formative years. INTRODUCTION OF INTERACTIVE MEDIA Mobile Learning Smart Phone iPad Tablets

Why Digitally Learning Design is Important:

Why Digitally Learning Design is Important The millennial learner prefers to express themselves through the use of images work in teams have structure over non-structure be engaged and want to be involved in discovery figure out the rules create

The Eight Levels of Digital Lesson Design:

The Eight Levels of Digital Lesson Design FIRST GENERATION INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY Level 1 : Hyperlinks Level 2 : Embedding Hyperlinks into Presentations Level 3: Embedding Hyperlinks into Web Images Level 4 : The use of Geo-codes KMZ Markers SECOND GENERATION INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY Level 5 : Physical World QR Codes Level 6 : Layer Augmented Markers Level 7 : Marker less Geo Augmented Reality Level 8 : Augmented Vision

First Generation Interactive Technology:

First Generation Interactive Technology Touch Screen Projector Laptop or PC PowerPoint or Keynote becomes software application of choice.

Level 1: The Hyperlink:

Level 1: The Hyperlink A hyperlink is a graphic or a piece of text in an Internet document that can connect readers to another webpage.

How To Create A Hyperlink:

How To Create A Hyperlink Participants will learn the essential steps to create a text and image hyperlink by using the insert hyperlink tab to embed a url reference point in PowerPoint. 1

Level 2: Embedding Hyperlinks:

Level 2: Embedding Hyperlinks Overlay Images on PowerPoint Slides Become Targets Overlay Images become interactive through a Hyperlink Multi Media is embedded into the root of the folder Media files stored in folder with presentation

PowerPoint Presentation:


Creating Multimedia Resource Folders:

Creating Multimedia Resource Folders Participants will see a demonstration on how to create a multimedia folder that includes multimedia resources and embed a hyperlink onto an image using an overlay. 2 Root of the Folder Example Media Kit Interactive Lesson

Limited Repositories Storing Digital Content – Compact Disk & Thumb Drives:

Limited Repositories Storing Digital Content – Compact Disk & Thumb Drives Virtual streaming and YouTube was limited in schools unitedstreaming was formed now Discovery Education Creation of Units of Learning CD Rom was a package of choice

Level 3: Embedding Hyperlinks into Web Resources :

Level 3 : Embedding Hyperlinks into Web Resources multiple uses for embedding additional content into a model presentation that ranges from maps to show historical facts, infographics to represent informational data, or to display steps in a solution to a problem.

PowerPoint Presentation:

QR CODE TREASURE HUNT February 11 Spartans February 14 Odyssey February 18 Voyagers February 19 All Stars February 13 Olympians February 20 Defenders

Thinglink as a Multimedia Resource:

Thinglink as a Multimedia Resource Participants will learn the how to create, convert, and upload and infographic image to thinglink and embed a series of concept related hyperlink resources for a deep learning experiences. 3

Level 4: Geo-codes KMZ Markers :

Level 4: Geo-codes KMZ Markers "Google Earth offers the means to display geographic data from a wide variety of sources data includes imagery for the entire globe make inferences by comparing familiar places to other locations. learn about the world through rich layers of map-able data offered create and display their own data." 1


KMZ PLACEMARK FILE EXTENSION KMZ is a file extension for a place mark file used by Google Earth. KMZ files can contain place marks featuring a custom name; the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates for the location, and 3D model data. KMZ files can be opened by Google Earth, Silk Road

Google Earth 3D Markups & Virtual Tours:

Google Earth 3D Markups & Virtual Tours Access to forbidden city Access to virtual tour You can embed KMZ files by using Google Docs as a linking application

PowerPoint Presentation:


Level 5: Physical World QR Codes:

Level 5: Physical World QR Codes A QR Code is a two dimensional bar code when scanned enables you to access some pre-written content or complete a task. Content must be stored online Content has to be referenced to a url or hyperlink

PowerPoint Presentation:


How to use a QR Code Generator:

How to use a QR Code Generator Participants will learn how to use and generate a QR Code in the classroom by accessing the QR Treasure Hunt Generator. 4

QR Code Resources:

QR Code Resources Reference content to a url or hyperlink. Copy the hyperlink ( url ) into a QR Code generator Use a QR codes generator like QR code Monkey.

QR CODE Mobile Applications:

QR CODE Mobile Applications A QR Code is a two dimensional bar code when scanned enables you to access some pre-written content or complete a task. Content must be stored online Content has to be referenced to a url or hyperlink

Level 6: Layer Augmented Marker:

Level 6 : Layer Augmented Marker Interactive In Real Time Registered In Three Dimensions Combines Real & Virtual World Aspects Enhances One's Current Perception Of Reality Search: Augmented Reality 2

Creating Layered Content :

Creating Layered Content See Avatar Creation Using Crazy Talk Software STUDIO

Posting Virtual Content On Location:

Posting Virtual Content On Location Create a Digital Story Create Several Picture Targets of an Area Picture Target Is What Activates The Content On Your Mobile Device

Using Aurasma Studio:

Using Aurasma Studio Participants will learn how to upload trigger images, create layers, with overlays and setup channels to produce augmented content in Aurasma Studio. 5



PowerPoint Presentation:

Changing Environments & Real Time Experiences

Why AR for Education:

Why AR for Education Provides rich contextual learning for individual learning a skill Appeals to constructivist notions of education where students take control of their own learning Provides opportunities for authentic learning and appeals to multiple learning styles Has the power to engage a learner in ways that have never been possible Can provide each student with his/her unique discovery path No real consequences if mistakes are made during skills training.

Level 6: Markerless Geo AR :

Level 6: Markerless Geo AR Camera, compass and GPS information is needed Browser first locates the user with GPS Retrieves information from online sources based on geographical coordinates

Marking Geo Augmented Reality:

Marking Geo Augmented Reality Air Tag: share comments, by leaving Air Tags at that place and moment. Air Filter: By specifying time, distance and type, users can sort through the many floating Air Tags around the location. Air Pocket: a bookmark that allows users to view Air Tags were posted. iPad iPhone

How to Create Air Tags:

How to Create Air Tags Participants will learn how to use a Sekai Camera to create, search and find air tags by marking and referencing content at specified Geo Locations. 6

Third Generation Interactive Technology:

Third Generation Interactive Technology The Virtual Experience Augmented Reality Tour Gunfighters Museum

Level 7: Augmented Vision:

Level 7 : Augmented Vision

Augmented Games:

Augmented Games Turn the real world into a playable racetrack with Tabletop Speed!

Thematic Cross-curriculum Interactive Media :

Thematic Cross-curriculum Interactive Media

PowerPoint Presentation:

To learn more about creating and generating digital content visit my website the ePub Generation the Connected Learning Project

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