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Dropbox is a Web-based file hosting service that uses cloud storage. The downloadable open source software application allows users to store and share files and folders with others across the Internet using file synchronization. Dropbox provides 2 GB of free online storage.


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What is Dropbox?:

What is Dropbox ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFb0NaeRmdg&feature=youtube_gdata_player

Uploading documents to Dropbox:

Uploading documents to Dropbox Click Here Select this option Click on the choose files box. Select your files from the dialogue box that appears. 1. 2 . Click add more files to add upload multiple files at a time. Click done when all files have been added.

Organizing Dropbox:

Organizing Dropbox To keep your Dropbox organized we will: Create folders for organization and Moving documents to folders

Creating Folders:

Creating Folders 1. Click on the new folder icon 2. Name the folder 1. 2.

Moving Documents:

Moving Documents Select document Select the more drop down menu Click Move Select folder in dialogue box that opens. Click move when finished. 1.

Moving Documents:

Moving Documents One document at a time Click on document Drag to new folder OR Select the documents to move Press and hold shift to select multiple documents With shift pressed down, click and hold the documents to drag to the new folder.

Sharing Individual Documents:

Sharing Individual Documents Click Here Option 1: Enter email addresses, twitter or facebook contacts Option 2: Copy link to paste elsewhere (website, or group email) OR

Dropbox on Your Personal Computer:

Dropbox on Your Personal Computer

Dropbox Across Devices Personal Computer:

Dropbox Across Devices Personal Computer

Accessing Your Files on Your Personal Computer:

Accessing Your Files on Your Personal Computer Dropbox may be saved right to your start menu. If it is not, locate it under ‘All Programs’.

Organizing Your Files:

Organizing Your Files You can edit your dropbox from your personal computer. Move documents to other folders, create new folders, delete files, transfer documents to dropbox add new documents and share documents.

Moving Documents:

Moving Documents With the Dropbox open, open your documents in another window. Select a document you want to transfer to dropbox . Click and drag the document to the dropbox window. To move a document within dropbox : Select the document, click and drag to the folder of choice.

Saving Documents Via Your Personal Computer to Dropbox:

Saving Documents Via Your Personal Computer to Dropbox When saving a document to dropbox on your personal computer be sure to save the document in PDF format. File Save As Select PDF option (Important to store documents in iBooks ) Select dropbox and desired folder as your save location (instead of your default of my documents). Your document is now saved to dropbox and will shortly appear in all locations you have dropbox .

Sharing Documents:

Sharing Documents Select document Right click Hover over Dropbox Select Get Link

Sharing Documents:

Sharing Documents OR If you are typing in emails, or sending to Facebook or Twitter be sure to click send after entering your selections. If copying the link, once you click copy link you are finished on this page. Paste the link into the body of an email.

Dropbox Across Devices iPad:

Be sure to download the dropbox app. Log into your account. All documents will now sync to the iPad from your web account and personal computer. Dropbox Across Devices iPad

Sharing from your iPad:

Sharing from your iPad Open the dropbox app Select a document Press the link icon Select email link

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