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Into the World of Endless Opportunities Part III:

Into the World of Endless Opportunities Part III "Today’s educators must provide a learning environment that takes students beyond the walls of their classrooms and into a world of endless opportunities" World of Endless Opportunities Mike King Jesse West

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Base Camp three “Digital Divide” Introducing Symbaloo Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments

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Symbaloo’ is a Greek Verb Meaning Assembling Serves as an Assembly Dashboard for Bookmarking Frequently Used Web2.0 Tools

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“as a carpenter would keep their tools in a tool box” Personalize Web 2.0 Tools

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Tabs can be Created to Formulate Sub Categories that can include frequently used sites for mixing content, storing content or generating content

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Can Serve as an Assignment Marker for Created Content.

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Serves As A Tool For Helping Students Stay Organized

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Essential Question: How can we design and develop digital age experiences that incorporate technology tools to keep students highly engaged in their learning? Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning

A Move to Facilitation:

A Move to Facilitation Provides avenues for teachers to become facilitators of learning and move away from the sage on a stage approach to teaching. Sage on Stage Sage on Stage 19 th Century Learning

How are Flipped Classrooms Different?:

How are Flipped Classrooms Different? Homework is in the classroom Class time is for authentic learning Extend learning conversation outside class through threaded discussion Rote lecture content is placed online Out of classroom material is media rich

Four Constructs of Flipped Classrooms:

Four Constructs of Flipped Classrooms Management Clusters Instructional Clusters Authentic Learning Clusters Assessment Clusters each of the teaching & learning practice in flipped classrooms differs to some degree from traditional practices. How are flipped classrooms similar?

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Students can have online discussions through Synchronous (Chat) Asynchronous (Discussion Board) Students can link to external resources when assigned as they need to check for understanding Classroom Management

Instruction takes two forms:

Instruction takes two forms Asynchronous instruction is not dependent on instructor and student interaction in real time. Synchronous instruction occurs when the instructor and student's primary interaction share in real-time.

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Synchronous Instruction Synchronous Instruction includes building learning environments where students can: Demonstrate And Apply Experiment And Engage

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Asynchronous Instruction Asynchronous Instruction includes building learning environments where students can Blog Podcast Reflect Explore Content Lectures

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Students are at the center of knowledge obtainment and are linked to the process in engaged activities as they are asked to perform authentic task. Activity Based Authentic Learning

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Students are constantly involved in concept obtainment through video and podcast lectures. Concept Exploration

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Students participate in reflective learning by blogging or creating podcast from their point of view. Students also participate in online assessments. Reflective Learning

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Students constantly work on personalized creative projects and presentations Authentic Learning Opportunities

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Students participate in online quizzes Assessments are submitted and reviewed student progress is recorded into Students are held to mastering assessments Authentic assessment takes the form of project completion as students are exposed to various levels of rigor and relevance to each task. Assessments

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A great resource for obtaining skill based screen cast in  math and science has already been created by Salman Khan. For additional resources on how to get started go to: http://digitalsandbox.weebly.com/flipped-classroom-design.html At the Khan Academy teachers can select specific screen cast that match the Common Core standards selected for a unit of study . How to Get Started

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Flipped classroom model created by Jackie Gerstein, Ed.D . Flipped Classroom Model

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This presentation is designed to provide the viewer with information on how to adopt technology into the Common Core by relooking at traditional classroom tools and transitioning into new ways of teaching and learning. The Digital Sandbox explores the future of learning through the recreation of 21st Century learning environments. Visit the Digital Sandbox: Click above to visit us soon at the Digital Sandbox View Transcript of this Presentation on Scribd View videos and listen to audio transcript of this presentation at

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