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Into the World of Endless Opportunities:

Into the World of Endless Opportunities "Today’s educators must provide a learning environment that takes students beyond the walls of their classrooms and into a world of endless opportunities" World of Endless Opportunities Mike King Jesse West

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Base Camp 1 : Model Digital-Age Work and Learning Base Camp 2 : Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership Base Camp 3 : Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences Summit: Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity Promote and Model Digital INTRODUCTION ( 8 Minutes) Into the World of Endless Opportunities Camp 1 Camp 2 Camp 3 Summit Intro Click Here

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How can we model digital age work in the classroom to ensure that students understand the essential skills needed to compete in the work force of tomorrow? Use a presentation tool to explain how inflection points and paradigm shifts triggers a catalyst in new ways of thinking. Introduction of Prezi BASE CAMP ONE: (10 Minutes) Model Digital-Age Work and Learning Click Here Is it a “Race to the Top” or is it “Climbing Mount Everest?"

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Introduction of Today's Meet How can we engage in professional growth and leadership to fully understand the necessary components of adopting technology into the Common Core? Provide ways for others to collaborate when creating a presentation that outlines the prerequisites in designing a Common Core Unit. Click Here BASE CAMP TWO ( 15 Minutes) Professional Growth and Leadership Is professional development for technology nested in the peaks?"

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Introduction of Symbaloo How can educators Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning and Creativity through the use of web 2.0 tools? Create a future model for educating students in the Common Core through the use of personal learning environments. BASE CAMP THREE ( 15 Minutes) Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Is there a digital divide between students and classrooms of today?" Click Here

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How can we insure that students will receive the kind of education that will inspire them to be creative thinkers and problem solvers? Construct a thematic unit that will facilitate authentic learning by integrating multiple technology tools to support Common Core and NET standards. THE SUMMIT ( 12 Minutes) Facilitate & Inspire Student Learning & Creativity Tabula Rosa As we reach the summit of the Conceptual A ge will there be a place for facilitating authentic learning ? Click Here

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When constructing a Common Core unit supporting standards like NET Standards need to be taken into consideration. Units can be categorized into one of four types: 1. Thematic - emphasizes the use of an essential question or big idea to support the theme of the unit. 2. Genre based - emphasizes an approach with the whole text as the unit in focus rather than the sentence. 3. Skill-based —Emphasizes application (writing narratives; using context to determine meanings of words) 4. Topic-based- -Emphasizes a cluster of skills related to one topic but that contains several skills Essential Components of a Common Core Unit Click Here

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