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Chief Returning Officer Report : 

Chief Returning Officer Report Matt Robinson, CRO

My role : 

My role Responsible for the governance and administration of all NUS Elections Administers processes at events Responsible for widening involvement in elections for both candidates and also delegates

NEC Candidates : 

NEC Candidates Number of nominations required per candidate reduced Increased time to submit nomination forms More full time officer candidates than past 10 years – and 5 more than in 2009 Block of fifteen candidates increased to 24 (21 in 2009)

Delegates : 

Delegates Audio Debates recorded for the first time Questions for Audio Debates submitted through Twitter and Email Agreed with DPC the provision for a Presidential Candidate Question Time

I have made rulings on : 

I have made rulings on Campaigning materials at Conference Access to campaign within the Sage When someone attending National Conference becomes a delegate What counts within candidate expenditure in relation to delivery Costs of t-shirts and uniforms Use of personal printers and flyers Provisions for banners and other large signage … among others

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