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Multimedia is an important part of todays Education There are 6 ways to look at benefits for Multimedia in the classroom Multimedia

Who is impacted by Multimedia:

Students who learn through different learning media and resources Ebsco (2017). Ebsco host connection. Retrieved from Who is impacted by Multimedia

What are different types of Multimedia :

Communication of Multimedia can be through text, audio, video and even animation. Chron (2017). 5 Components of Multimedia. Retrieved from What are different types of Multimedia

When is Multimedia useful:

To explore and explain information from a different viewpoint Multimedia in the classroom (2017). Why use multimedia in the classroom. Retrieved from When is Multimedia useful

Where can Multimedia be used:

Can be used in businesses, organizations and education Student (2017). Where use multimedia. Retrieved from Where can Multimedia be used

Why is Multimedia useful:

Multimedia provides a different way to look at data Institute for Learning and Research Technology (2017). Retrieved from Why is Multimedia useful

How does Multimedia impact learning:

Multimedia can support regularly developed curriculum Founders Guide (2017). Creative uses of multimedia for business marketing. Retrieved from How does Multimedia impact learning

Any Questions or Comments?:

Be sure to Blog your reflections on the importance of Multimedia in the classroom! Any Questions or Comments?

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