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I really love the first leader of Ghana. He had a dream about freedom,and it cam to. So i hope my fellow citizens will value his dream and make Ghana what Dr. Nkrumah dreamt it will be.

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The Republic of Ghana : 

The Republic of Ghana Ghana Cedi Lode star of Africa Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Pres. w/ Dr. MLK Jr

Ghana, West Africa : 

Ghana, West Africa Population: 23 million Density: 215/ sq. mile Life Expectancy: 60 years Median age: 20.7 years old Literacy Rate: 58% (M- 66%, F-50%) Education: Girls-9 years Boys-10 years Ghana spends 28-40% of Annual Budget on Education Official language: English 9 other languages recognized, but over 250 other languages and dialects spoken in Ghana

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Drying Cacao Beans Gold mining St. George’s Castle in Elmina, Ghana Akosumbo Dam

Sights in Ghana : 

Sights in Ghana

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Rural market Accra primary school lunch Fishing village Kumasi city

po : 

po Akan funeral dancers Akan sculpure Kojo Bambir Ben Agbee coaster Ofei Dako coaster The Golden Stool Pocupine, Asante national emblem

Akan Kente Cloth : 

Akan Kente Cloth

Adinkra symbols : 

Adinkra symbols Cocoa tree (Kookoo dua) “I do not carry your basket” Land is Power (Asase ye dur) “I am a child of the Supreme Being. I do not depend on myself. My illumination is only a reflection of His.” Changing one’s self. Playing many roles. “I have heard and kept it.” Symbol of wisdom and knowledge. “Go and fetch it.” You can always undo your mistakes. Cocoa tree (Kookoo dua) spiritual strength, good fortune spider's web- symbol for cunning and creativity ram’s horns-symbol of strength and humility

Publishers in Ghana : 

Publishers in Ghana Sub-Saharan Sedco Afram African Christian Press

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The Brassman’s Secret Author and Illustrator: Meshack Asare Publisher: Sub-Saharan, Accra (2001) [Published in 2002 w/color illustrations] [Orig. published in 1981] Awards: Noma Award in 1982 for Best Book Published in Africa Sosu’s Call Author and Illustrator: Meshack Asare Publisher: Sub-Saharan (1997, English) (2002, French) Awards: 1999 UNESCO First Prize for Children’s and Youth Literature in the Service of Tolerance Voted as amongst the top twelve of Africa’s 100 Best Books

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The Magic Goat Author and Illustrator: Meshack Asare Publisher: Sub-Saharan, Accra (1997) Awards: 1999 Toyota/Children’s Literature Foundation Best Picture Story Book Chipo and the Bird on the Hill: A Tale of Ancient Zimbabwe Author and Illustrator: Meshack Asare Publisher: Harare, Zimbabwe Publishing House (1984) Awards: Noma Honorable Mention in 1985

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Why and How I Learnt to Read and Write Author: Frank Kofi Nyaku Publisher: Sedco Publishers, Ghana (1998) Awards: Valco Trust Fund Literary Award (1995) Where Have All the Rivers Gone? Authors: A. Ofori-Mensah, E.O.A. Asibey Illustrator: Therson Boadu Publisher: Sub-Saharan, Ghana (1997) Sponsored by Ghana Environmental Protection Agency

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The Pot of Wisdom Author: Adwoa Badue Illustrator: Baba Wague Diakite Publisher: Groundwood Books Toronto (2001) Tales of an Ashanti Father Author: Peggy Appiah Illustrator: Mora Dickson Publisher: Beacon Press Boston (1967)

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Baba Wague Diakite Adwoa Badoe "Storytelling is the best means of communication between people from different cultures....Stories help us to accept each other's differences and to be kind to nature."

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Kente Colors Author: Debbi Chocolate Illustrator: John Ward Publisher: Walker Publishing New York (1996) Kofi and His Magic Author: Maya Angelo Illustrator: Margaret Courney-Clarke Publisher: Clarkson Potter New York (1996) Author: Osu Library Fund Illustrator: Therson Boada Publisher: Sub-Saharan Awards: Toyota Children’s Literature Prize 2004 Fati and the Honey Tree

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Maya Angelo Margaret Courtney- Clarke Debbi Chocolate John Ward Peggy Appiah Mora Dickson Lawrence Darmani Menshack Asare A. Ofori-Mensah

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Yaa Foriwa Author: Michael Ofori-Mankata Illustrator: Edmund Opare Publisher: Afram Publications Ghana (1995) Ananse’s Justice Author: Michael Ofori-Mankata Illustrator: Edmund Opare Publisher: Afram, Ghana (1995) The Golden Forest: A Ghanaian Folk Tale Author: Michael Ofori-Mankata Illustrator: Edmund Opare Publisher: Afram, Ghana (1996)

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Why the White Ant is So Destructive and Other Folk Tales Author: E. Hayfron-Benjami Publisher: Sedco Ghana (2001) Stories from Africa: 2, 3, and 4 Author: Lawrence Darmanie Publisher: African Christian Publishers Ghana (1994, 1996) Author won the Africa Regional First Book prize in the Commonwealth Writers' Prize for 1992. The Boys Who Wanted Bush Meat Author: John Oppong-Mensah Publisher: Sedco Ghana (2000)

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Ananse and the Lizard: A West African Tale Author: Pat Cummings Publisher: Henry Holt New York (2002) I Saw Your Face Author: Kwame Dawes Illustrator: Tom Feelings Publisher: Dial Books New York (2005) Tom Feelings Kwame Dawes Pat Cummings

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Song of Wagadu: Song of Africa Epic Storytelling and African dance and drumming explained by Adwoa Badoe

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