How can I setup Office 365 account in Outlook 2016?


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Microsoft office 365 is a perfect business software if you have problem how to setup office 365 account in Outlook.then you can dial this office 365 phone number 1-800-921-785 Australia our expert technicians easily solve your problem.?


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If you want to use your Outlook 2016 to setup Office 365 account but don’t know how to make this possible. Read this blog and use this given tutorial to complete this process and in case, you need help then make a call on Office 365 support number Australia .

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Directions to follow : Once you have created your Office 365 email address, you can set up your mail account with Outlook 2016. First, go to “Start” menu and then navigate to “Control Panel ”. Next, you have to press “User Accounts” and then click Mail (32-bit), in case, you don’t see Mail 32-bit on the page; you can use the search box in the upper right side to search it.

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Now you have to press “Show Profiles” after that; press “Add” and then enter a name for the profile . Now you can choose “Always use this profile” to set a new profile as the default. From its drop-down list, you need to select a new profile name and then press “OK”.

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On its account setup page, you need to enter the given information : Field What to enter... Your Name Enter your first and last name. E-mail Address Enter your email address. Password and Retype Password Enter your password in both fields.  

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Now you have to press “Next” and once your Outlook is done with the configuration process, then press “Finish ”. Note: in case, you have more than one profile then you can set your Outlook account to prompt for a profile . If you wish you can setup your mail account on your mobile device : iPhone . Android. Windows phone. Blackberry.

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More info: You can also setup your Outlook account automatically with the help of Outlook setup assistant . You can follow these above-given steps to setup your Office 365 in your Outlook account, in case, you need help then you can contact Office 365 Support Phone Number 1-800-921-785 . Technicians help you in completing this process remotely and you get instant on-call support from these experts. Source Thank you

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