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#1 I think of a number. I multiply it by 5. I add 15. The result is 100. What is the number I though of?


#2 A rectangle is 8m long and its perimeter is 30m. Find the width of the rectangle.


#3 An orange costs twice as much as an apple. The two of them cost the total of 72 cents, Find the cost of an apple.


#4 I have twice as many 20-cent coins as 50-cent coins and the total value of all these coins is $27.00. How many 50 –cent coins do I have?


#5 Make your own question. Your answer should be 16.

#6- Extension:

#6- Extension A Siamese kitten costs 150$ less than a Burmese kitten. If 3 Siamese and 2 Burmese kittens cost 1800 in total. Find the cost A: A Siamese kitten B: A Burmese Kitten ://www.great

#7 Extension:

#7 Extension I subtract 3 from a certain number, multiply the result by 5 and add 9. If the final result is 54, find the original number.

#8 Extension:

#8 Extension Jimmy and Ivy sell ballpoint pens at the same price. One day Jimmy increases his price by 12 cents and Ivy reduces her price by 14 cents. Jimmy sells 6 pens and Ivy sells 9 pens. If they both take in the same amount of money, what was the original price of a pen?

Worksheet Time…:

Worksheet Time…

Group activity:

Group activity In groups of 3 create a mind map that should include the key words used in this unit and your answer to the unit question: “How do we find the value of the unknown?”


Homework Finish worksheet – odd numbers

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