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Diamond Physicians offer affordable concierge healthcare services in Dallas, Frisco and North Carrollton. They are available 24 hrs via emails and texts for their patients. See more at


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Physicians In Dallas - Diamond Physicians:

Physicians In Dallas - Diamond Physicians

Concierge physician:

Concierge physician Concierge Physicians and doctors provide comprehensive healthcare assistance. They focus on patient/client as a whole person rather than just a collection of symptoms and conditions. They give enough time to understand and examine the health issues to get to know their clients/patients.

Physician concierge:

Physician concierge Physicians in Concierge provide completely and direct accessible services . Yes, Patients get 24 hour direct access to physicians via email or text.

Carrollton physicians:

Carrollton physicians Carrollton physicians or Doctors in Carrollton provide excellent medical care assistance to all patients (infants and adults) at affordable costs. Membership plans are provided to benefit clients/ patients.

Doctors in Carrollton:

Physicians and Doctors in Carrollton are highly qualified, certified and experienced specialists in their field of medical-specialization. They focus on prevention (because prevention is better than cure. Doctors in Carrollton

Concierge healthcare services:

Concierge healthcare services Healthcare assistance is provided by highly qualified, certified and experienced primary healthcare concierge physicians. They provide excellent assistance to each client .

Dallas physicians:

Dallas physicians We all want to live a healthy and active life , where we have least dependencies on people and can fit-in perfectly in our personal and professional roles . We do invest our efforts in this direction- we exercise and often hit the gym, eat a diet that is rich in nutrients and also visit Dallas physicians for regular checkups.

Health care physician:

Health care physician To avoid such possibility of finding no medical assistance at the time of need, several people these days avail the services of a health care physician who offer direct and personalized care to patients who get their membership with them.

Contact Us Address: 8222 Douglas Avenue, Suite 700 Dallas, TX 75225 Phone: 214.395.3491 Website:

Contact Us Address: 8222 Douglas Avenue, Suite 700 Dallas, TX 75225 Phone: 214.395.3491 Website:

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