10 Reasons To Become Mike Nekta's Client for your engagement rings

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http://www.mikenekta.com Looking for a perfect engagement ring for your future wife? Visit New York City Diamond District and check out Mike Nekta’s diamond engagement rings unique and elegant designs. Call (917) 570-3112


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10 Reasons To Become Mike Nekta’s Client For Your Engagement Rings


Mike Nekta had NEVER had a client who didn’t LOVE LOVE LOVE their ring. More than half of his clients are from out of town and don’t see their diamond in person until its delivered, so you KNOW he must be THAT good! 2. Mike Nekta responds quickly to your emails – Nearly every client comments on this and he takes pride in effective communication. 3. Mike Nekta has over 15 years of experience diamond setting and creating custom engagement rings for other jewelry stores. Why go elsewhere when you can work with the designer yourself?

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4. Clients get the chance to work directly with the designer & jeweler for his engagement rings rather than passed off to a salesperson. 5. He guarantees your custom engagement ring will not be completed overseas on an assembly line… it will be created exclusively for you! 6. MIKE NEKTA takes the fear out of the engagement ring process. Being a GIA Alumni, Mike Nekta is very knowledgeable and will guide you to success.

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7. Many of his clients have been referred by one of their friends who have also had an amazing experience with Mike Nekta. 8. If you’re getting engaged ASAP, you can select a diamond and have it set in a Solitaire setting until you’re ready to design her engagement ring together. Mike Nekta's Solitaires are designed to make the center diamond look bigger and brighter in it would in just any temporary ring. 9. He makes the process of creating engagement rings easy, stress-free, and without any of the high pressure you might find at other jewelry stores. This is a jewelry studio and you work directly with the designer who loves his work! 10. He has an access to over 250,000 certified diamond that they can choose from for your center diamond.

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''With Mike Nekta , expert engagement ring maker, picking out the perfect piece for your future partner become a lot simpler and stress free.''

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MIKE NEKTA is a jeweler specializing in Bridal jewelry such as engagement rings and diamond eternity bands. Mike Nekta has very large selections of great looking diamonds at wholesale prices .

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People from all across the globe travel specifically to see Mike Nekta in New York since his quality of craftsmanship and prices are worth the trip.

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“It’s the minor details make major differences when it comes to making an engagement ring”. For Mike Nekta …

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  Besides a free 20 min consultation, Mike Nekta also offers a free e-book and video series for visitor of his website.

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Visit Call http://www.MikeNekta.com (917) 570-3112 Follow Mike Nekta on social media pages

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