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Gold and Silver Buyer – We are a genuine Gold Silver Coins Buyers to Sell your Gold Jewelry, Silver Coin and other Jewelries to get immediate cash on delivery.


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Diamond Buyers International :

Diamond Buyers International

Value & Grading:

Value & Grading If you have a certificate or appraisal, there will be a number assigned to your diamond that allows us to provide you with the most accurate diamond price quote. If you do not have a certificate or appraisal, don’t worry, your diamond will be professionally assessed and graded by our Gemologist. Diamond grading is based on four criteria : Cut Color Clarity Carat Weight 2

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Cut 3 Unique in shape and size Popular choice-Princess Cut and Brilliant Round Shape Common shapes-Cushion , Emerald and Asscher Cut your diamond-Based on proportion and compared to the certified standard

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Color 4 Diamond body color-Comparing the diamonds Our gemologist assesses your diamond in your favor against the set of master diamonds Colors range-D-M , N-Z, but can also be yellow or a tinge of pink

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Clarity 5 The clarity of the diamond graded using Gemological Microscope at ten times magnification This close inspection ensures the greatest and most accurate value The clarity simply defines how many inclusions or imperfections the gem has

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Carat Weight 6 Measuring the carat weight of diamond-State-of the art scales It will ensure the precision and accuracy If you have a certificate or diamond appraisal, it will be listed Typical Carat weights vary from .75 to 3.00 Awarding every customer a fair and honest appraisal 100 % not satisfied with our assessment, Return the payment within 30 days Return your valuables No questions asked.

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