Thanksgiving Themed Tiffin Box Ideas For Your Kindergartener

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In this PowerPoint presentation, we are giving some interesting Tiffin box ideas for mothers that they can give their kids. For more details, contact us: (909) 396-8747


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Thanksgiving Themed Tiffin Box Ideas For Your Kindergartener:

Thanksgiving Themed Tiffin Box Ideas For Your Kindergartener Submitted By - Salintha Gunasekara (909) 396-8747


Whether your child is going to a kindergarten or a Montessori Pomona, CA , with thanksgiving around the corner, it is time to make them some thanksgiving themed lunch boxes. Such lunchboxes will light up your little ones face you can expect an empty box when he returns from his school.


Turkey shaped sandwich From large sandwich breads, you can use brown or white, but it will be better with brown, cut two circles for the main sandwich. Use any filling, and from the scraps left, create an oblong shape for the head. Stick it to the main round body using butter. For feathers, you can use strips of young carrot which you can stick into the middle of the sandwich and pretzel pieces as leg. Pieces of black olive and cheese can be used for making the eyes and the beak, attached to the main sandwich with butter A simple yet beautiful looking lunch ready for your little one.


Turkey brownie Brownie and candy corn with some chocolate icing and candy eyes can make a fun lunch box item for your child going to kindergarten. You can make the brownie from scratch or use readymade mix or even readymade ones, just cut round shapes from them. Just warm them a little, and then using the chocolate icing stick the candy corns on the top and the eye candy just below. Between the eyes, stick a candy corn upside down. Your turkey brownie is ready.


Fruit and turkey sandwich Any kind of fruit is always good for your childcare Pomona, CA going child. So, like the first recipe make the body of the turkey. For the feathers, just arrange slices of his favorite fruits. Finish the meal with some crackers and berries.


Cornucopia snacks Another great thanksgiving themed lunch box idea is cornucopia snacks. It is most easy to make; all you will need are ice cream cones and his favorite snacks. Fill the cone with his favorite snacks and your child’s eye will light up when he opens his lunch box.


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