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Make the hard-to-handle process of Turning Carbide easy and fast with the high-performance and superior tools, developed by expert engineers of Diamond Tooling System. Enjoy a prescising machining of Carbide and make the applicable process simpler, faster, and safer!


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The manufacturing arena is frequently transforming. However one thing that seems to have remained constant is the need for advanced ways of metal cutting. Moreover this need has to be addressed by the concerned business scenario. In this context finding the right tools for metal cutting is highly important. The metal industry thus always emphasizes on finding the best turning carbide and the high-end insertion systems of such. Pay emphasis on versatile tools While looking for turning carbide or insertion systems emphasis should always be towards versatile tools. The tools that can address the complete needs of face turning should be preferred. Great to see is that the modern-day designs have surfaced for ultimate chip evacuation. At the same time delivering an enhanced result it can be convenient for a trouble- free outcome as well. Importance of adapters Be it about turning carbide or milling carbide finding the right set of adapters is important. It is important to ensure that the adapters get thoroughly established or fits well with the concerned tool holder kind. In terms of grooving and turning it is possible to make this happen without any constraint for widening. It is thus recommended to make sure that the deep penetration is bigger in comparison with the length of insertion. This would deliver the most optimal outcome. The industrial tools of such are essential to be selected after thorough testing. Its performance can only be expected to be up-to-the-mark when it is manufactured the most optimized way.

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Addressing component size and other aspects While manufacturing such high-end tools it is essential to ensure that the component size is perfect. It is important to attain perfection with insertion grade as it can bring the entire difference in boosting productivity. The best recommendation would be to have someone knowing machine operation while selecting the insertion grade. These things can significantly matter in a competitive scenario. CONTACT US Industriegebiet Nord Hans-Geiger-Str. 11a D-67661 Kaiserslautern Deutschland Germany Office: +49 6301-32011-0 Website: http://diamond-toolingsystems.com/

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