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Looking for multi-purpose, or all-in-one, machinery which features both wet and dry hard milling capabilities, specifically configured for Milling Graphite? If so; Diamond Tooling System, which has pioneered in India for manufacturing advanced milling mechanism is the one-stop shop for you!


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An in-depth understanding of the milling process INTRODUCTION Milling process of a machine is to cut or shape metal using a rotating tool. Milling machine possesses tools with a wide range of metal cutting capability. Many complex operations such as indexing gang milling and straddle milling and so on can be accomplished on a milling machine. TYPES OF MILLING MACHINE A Machine is constructed of column and knee structure and classified into two types namely: Horizontal Milling Machine and Vertical Milling Machine. The name Horizontal and Vertical is due to its spindle axis to the machine. Horizontal machines are further categorized into Plain Horizontal and Universal. Horizontal Milling MachineThe spindle axis is placed on the horizontal axis of the machine. Following functions are involved: Column Knee Saddle Table Arbor Base Spindle Spindle

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Reverse Lever Spindle Speed Selection Lever Spindle Clutch Lever Feed Rate Selection Lever Motor Start and Stop Buttons Vertical Milling Machine In this type the spindle is mounted in the vertical position with additional features such as milling head and ram. HIGH-SPEED MILLING OF DIFFERENTMATERIALS High cutting speed can increase the machining operations productivity and the quality of products. Milling can be implemented on different materials here we are going to discuss milling on two selected materials Graphite and Titanium. High-speed milling of Graphite Milling graphite is the widely used electrode material in EDM Electrical Discharge Machine operations it has higher cutting speeds can be used as compared to the machining of metal materials.Cutting tests were performed for determining the behavior of high-speed milling operations with graphite. High-speed milling of Titanium High-speed milling of titanium is possible. In titanium cutting the round must be kept sharp to avoid high cutting temperature and force. Tools should be replaced when wear occurs. Titan possesses low plasticity so the cutting of the edges must be very complex. CONTACT US Industriegebiet Nord Hans-Geiger-Str. 11a D-67661 Kaiserslautern Deutschland Germany Office: +49 6301-32011-0 Website:

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