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Finding a local power company can be tricky.


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Picking A Local Power Company:

Picking A Local Power Company

Picking A Power Company Can Be Tricky. :

Picking A Power Company Can Be Tricky. If you are new to the area, it is easy to find out who your local power company might be. A quick look through the yellow pages or by inquiring with your landlord or neighbor will tell you who the power company is for your area. Most of the time, your power company will be the same for a neighborhood even though there may be more than one in your vicinity. Once you have identified your electricity provider, you can give them a call and arrange for installation or connection. Some power companies offer services such as energy assessments in which they will do a walk-through of your home. They will check out your basement or crawl space, attic, windows and doors to do an analysis of whether or not your house is as energy efficient as it could be. At the end of this assessment the power company can recommend things that you can do such as replace old windows that allow air leakage to make your home more air tight and energy efficient. They may also recommend that you add more insulation to the proper R factor rating for your area based on the climate in the area in which you reside. This might mean adding additional insulation or insulating areas that weren’t insulated prior to the assessment. They can also identify problems such as doors that allow a draft and rob you of energy whether it is heat or cool air. Basements can be looked at to see if there might be potential for energy to escape and then give ideas as to how to best tackle the problem at hand. Also at the power company, you find helpful brochures on things that you can do to help reduce your electricity bill such as put up darker drapes to your windows that are the most exposed to sunlight throughout the day. Other ideas such as installing an energy efficient hot water tank that can be switched on and off during times when you aren’t going to be home and there is no need for the water to constantly be heated and then reheated. There are tons of tips and tricks to help you conserve energy, lower your electricity bill and leave less of a carbon footprint. Most of these tips are easy to employ, inexpensive to install and if it involves replacing appliances, some areas also offer rebates to do so. Your electric provider can give you the specific information on what is available in the way of rebates in your area. You will also learn safety tips about what to do if you encounter downed electrical lines, working on hot or electrically charged lines in your home and basic all around electricity safety whether inside your home or outside. They can also provide you with contact details of what to do in the event of an outage and what you need to know and what tools you need to prepare for an outage should one occur in the future. We are a power company that services many deregulated states in the USA. Looking to switch Electric Companies come see us and let us become your electricity supplier .

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