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MPLS VPNConnectivity : 

MPLS VPNConnectivity Tulip Telecom Ltd.

Revolutionizing Data Connectivity : 

Revolutionizing Data Connectivity Tulip’s MPLS VPN network connects over 1700 locations in India. Largest MPLS VPN* service provider in the country, network expanding by the day. Tulip pioneers large scale deployments on fiber and wireless to the last mile. Covers commercial areas of 250 cities on fiber. Country-wide network backed by world-class metro-ethernet networks. (declared by Frost & Sullivan)

MPLS VPN- Market Leadership : 

MPLS VPN- Market Leadership Tulip Telecom has won the Frost & Sullivan Growth Leadership Award for Enterprise Data Services (MPLS VPN) in 2009 and Market Leadership Awards (MPLS VPN) in 2007 and 2008.

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4 MPLS VPN Market: Share Analysis

Key benefits of Tulip MPLS : 

Key benefits of Tulip MPLS

Tulip Data Connectivity : 

Tulip Data Connectivity

Rural Connectivity : 

7 Rural Connectivity 70% population in rural areas. Wireless enables overcome generations of technology gap. Low cost due to high volume. Customers are Government, CSCs, Banks, Financial inclusion, Educational, SMBs, Retail, Corporates. Virgin territory for voice infrastructure. Operate in un-licensed band. Low cost, no spectrum constraint.

Video Conferencing/Tele-presence : 

Video Conferencing/Tele-presence Provide a natural, across the table experience. Best-in-class configurations, with wide bandwidth options. Powerful content sharing capabilities. Tele-presence to collaborate the video, data and voice on a common platform.

Other Solutions : 

Other Solutions

Tulip Network : 

Tulip Network Country’s largest data Network reaching over 1700 cities. Large Fiber based Metro Ethernet network in 100 cities and growing- All commercial buildings in major commercial areas with fiber in basement or kerb side to cover 90% of high bandwidth subscribers Unlimited, immediate connectivity on Fiber Most economical NEW!

Tulip- a strong Fiber and Wireless player : 

Tulip- a strong Fiber and Wireless player Tulip has laid down its own fiber in commercial hubs of large cities, this would help deliver high speed MPLS connectivity on fiber to SWANs. Fiber can be provisioned for bandwidths ranging from 2 Mbps to Gbps levels. Wireless can be used seamlessly to provide targeted delivery of connectivity. RF is used for low bandwidths ranging from 64 Kbps to 512 Kbps.

Slide 12: 

Service Delivery Infrastructure Network 1700+ cities and towns. More than 4000 Points of Presence. 180 support centers. STM 16 based core backbone. Redundant Multicarrier Network. Metro Ether net based access network. WiMAX & Advanced WiFi based wireless access technologies. IP NGN tested with major BTS players Delivery 1500+ certified engineers. Robust alliances. ISO 20000-1 & 27001 based infrastructure and processes. Data Centers A potential capacity of 100,000 sq feet. Only provider to have termination from all telcos. Ready to use NGN head.

Bandwidth Scenario in India : 

Bandwidth Scenario in India Telcos with national Fiber Utilities with National Fiber Tulip with Pan India last mile in over 1,700 cities Tulip leases last mile to these telcos

Slide 14: 

Core Network Design Mumbai Delhi A B C D Pune Ahmedabad Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad Kochi Chandigarh Bhopal Kolkata Lucknow Rural network

Typical Network : 

64 K to any bandwidth on wireless Central site Fibre / High speed radio Typical Network DR Site

Slide 16: 

16 Delhi Bombay Pune Chennai Bangalore Kolkata Ahmedabad Lucknow Hyderabad Chandigarh Jaipur Indore Delhi Bombay Pune Chennai Bangalore Kolkata Ahmedabad Lucknow Hyderabad Chandigarh Jaipur Indore Strong Fiber Backbone 16 Tulip Telecom proprietary Dark fiber Swapped fiber Fiber capacities leased from multiple operators

Value to the Customer : 

Value to the Customer Immediate connectivity – Within 1 week from existing POP, 3 weeks from new POP. Bandwidth from 64 kbps to Gbps levels. 99.5% uptimes. Connectivity in 250 cities of the country, lying within Tulip’s network. Voice, data and video on a common platform. 24*7 support. End-to-end security.

Customers include all major financial institutions : 

Customers include all major financial institutions

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21 Logistics Enterprises All Telcos and major corporates Telecom

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Over 600 Customers on Fiber

Thank You : 

Thank You

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