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Tulip Telecom Ltd(Earlier Tulip IT Services Ltd) Making it possible

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Operational Snapshot

Financial Snapshot : 

Financial Snapshot *financials are as of financial year ended March 2010

Recognition : 

Recognition 4

Our Lines of Business : 

Our Lines of Business 5 Competence, Velocity & Range

Enterprise Data Market : 

Enterprise Data Market 6

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7 MPLS VPN Market: Share Analysis

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Market Share Analysis: Network Integration Source: Voice & Data

What does the customer need? : 

What does the customer need? 9 Operational Efficiency Focus on core competence Lower risks & improved ROI. +

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Data Connectivity for all 10

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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

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Logistics Enterprises Telecom Customers

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more Customers

Over 600 Customers on Fiber : 

Over 600 Customers on Fiber

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Service Delivery Infrastructure Network 1700+ cities and towns. More than 4000 Points of Presence. 180 support centers. STM 16 based core backbone. Redundant Multicarrier Network. Metro Ether net based access network. WiMAX & Advanced WiFi based wireless access technologies. IP NGN tested with major BTS players Delivery 1500+ certified engineers. Robust alliances. ISO 20000-1 & 27001 based infrastructure and processes. Data Centers A potential capacity of 100,000 sq feet. Only provider to have termination from all telcos. Ready to use NGN head.

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Core Network Design Mumbai Delhi A B C D Pune Ahmedabad Chennai Bangalore Hyderabad Kochi Chandigarh Bhopal Kolkata Lucknow Rural network

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Access Network Design Diagrammatic Representation. Map has been obtained from

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NOCs & Data Centers

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The Next Growth Play Rural Connectivity. Managed Services. MPLS for specialized applications. International Business. “Tulip in today’s date is the only premier technology partner which provides datacenters, access networks, internet, managed services & NI services for large business rollouts.”

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Why TULIP? Faster Go-To-Market. Financial Competence. Business Agility. Better Governance. :

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Thank you.

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