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Enterprise Internet Solutions : 

www.tulip.net Enterprise Internet Solutions

Operational Snapshot : 

Operational Snapshot

Financial Snapshot : 

Financial Snapshot *financials are as of financial year ended March 2010

Recognition : 

Recognition 4

Slide 5: 

5 MPLS VPN Market: Share Analysis

Our Lines of Business : 

Our Lines of Business 6 Competence, Velocity & Range

What does the customer need? : 

What does the customer need? 7 Operational Efficiency Focus on core competence Lower risks & improved ROI. +

The Tulip Internet advantage : 

The Tulip Internet advantage Benefits of the Internet Access solutions on fiber provided by Tulip. Reliable and highly available. On-demand, unlimited bandwidth. 1:1 bandwidth, dedicated and secure. Multiple bandwidth options to provide tailor-made solutions. 24 hours Internet access. Highest service levels, SLA driven with 99.5% uptimes. Always-on connection. No single point of failure and fully redundant network. Symmetric bandwidth (both upload and download are of the same speed). Most economical.

How it benefits you : 

How it benefits you

What you get? : 

What you get? Network Availability- Minimum Packet Delivery Expected 99.5% = cumulative downtime per year will be 1 day, 19hrs & 49mins

Tulip Infrastructure : 

Tulip Infrastructure Delivery 1500+ certified engineers. Robust alliances. ISO 20000-1 & 27001 based processes. Network 1700+ locations. More than 4000 Points of Presence. 180 support centers. STM 16 based core backbone. QoS management. Redundant Multicarrier Network. Advanced WiFi based wireless access technologies.

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Tulip Internet Connectivity

Slide 13: 

Fiber Access Network Extensive network infrastructure across Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific routes. Best and the shortest route selection done dynamically on Tulip backbone. Traffic routed through the most appropriate path with lesser congestion. Networks with international peering partners worldwide

World-class NOC’s : 

World-class NOC’s

State-of-art Data Centers : 

State-of-art Data Centers State of the art data centers with redundant facilities. Presently one in New Delhi, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Bangalore, with more coming up in Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune and Kolkata. Tier 3+ data centers. ISO 27001, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 20000-1 certified data centers. Colocation and hosting services provided, backed by best-in-class facilities. List of premium customers in our portfolio. 15

Over 600 Customers on Fiber : 

Over 600 Customers on Fiber

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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

Slide 18: 

Logistics Enterprises Telecom Customers

Slide 19: 

Attractive prices are also available for 2 Mbps, 5 Mbps to Gigabit levels. One time charge: 3 Lakhs Available in commercial hubs of 250 cities across the country ** SLA backed Service 10 Mbps @ Rs. 7.2 lakhs per annum, a fraction of Industry Prices * Tulip Fiber Offer * Taxes Extra. Limited Period Offer. Payment- Quarterly in advance. * *This offer is valid for commercial lying within Tulip’s fiber connectivity. Tulip Internet Offer

Thank you. : 

Thank you.

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