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QUESTION TAG Research project by: S.Dhilip, B.T.Assistant(English), Panchayat Union Middle School, Melpappampadi. :

QUESTION TAG Research project by: S.Dhilip , B.T.Assistant (English), Panchayat Union Middle School, Melpappampadi .

What’s a question tag?:

What’s a question tag ? A question followed by another short question ( ex: Do your children like sweets, don´t they? A positive statement followed by a short question ( ex: You’ve done a lot of travelling, haven’t you? A positive or negative statement followed by a negative or positive question tag. ( ex: Your father works in Canada, doesn´t he? / There aren’t any theatres in the city, are there? Click on the answer you think is right!

Remember that…:

Remember that… We use the auxiliary or modal verb in the statement in the question tag. Ex: She looks really great, doesn’t she? / Your father can’t drive, can he? We only use pronouns in question tags For positive statements, the question tag must be negative and for negative statements, the question tag must be positive We only use pronouns in question tags

Why do we use question tags?:

Why do we use question tags? To get someone involved in our conversation and encourage a response To confirm information that you think is true

Outstanding exceptions::

Outstanding exceptions: What do you use after…. Let’s imperatives ….. and after I’m ?

This is what we use…:

This is what we use… Shall Ex: Let’s go out for a walk, shall we? Will/ would Ex: Post this letter for me, will you? Aren’t I’m younger than you, aren’t I ?

Think about question tags for these statements::

Think about question tags for these statements: I’m right,_____________? You’ve been working late again,_____________? You haven’t got a pen by any chance,____________? Let’s have a break,_________? Sit down a moment, ________? You met your husband in N.Y,___________? We’re going to London on Saturday, ______________? You haven’t broken that as well, ____________?


Tips! In replies to question tags we use short answers. You’ve been here before, haven’t you? No, I haven’t, actually! Notice that when the information is not correct people use actually after the short answer. Notice the comma before the question tag

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