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Use Efficient Telescopic Cylinders Framed By Expert  Manufacturers And Suppliers In India  Hydraulic Cylinders are found today in a large number of areas and becoming a huge part of more and more applications. It is an actuator for converting fluid power pressure and flow into mechanical linear motion. This makes it compatible to be used in presses dump trucks conveyors and many more things. There are various types of Hydraulic Cylinders for performing unique tasks in an array of applications. ​Telescopic Cylinders ​ are one of its important types. The ​Telescopic Cylinder Manufacturers ​ design them with the motive of providing a larger stroke in comparison to other less compact designs. When space for performing operations is insufficient a Telescopic Cylinder can be the ideal choice. It has the ability to extend much longer than its collapsed length. If mounting space is restricted and the need for the long stroke arises using this cylinder would be a logical solution. Similar to that of the structure of a telescope it consists of sections of steel tubing. The tubing comprises of smaller diameters settled inside each other. The largest diameter is known as barrel and the smallest diameter is called plunger. The common number of stages in this cylinder seems to be six. The

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Use Efficient Telescopic Cylinders Framed By Expert  Manufacturers And Suppliers In India  stages extend from the largest to the smallest stage in this cylinder. Due to the number of stages it is also famous with the name of the Multi-Stage Cylinder. Depending upon the different needs in diverse areas generally two types of Telescopic Cylinders are used- ● Single-Acting Telescopic Cylinder- It extends in case of hydraulic pressure and retracts using gravity or some external mechanical force. Some common examples are dump trailers and dump trucks. ● Double-Acting Telescopic Cylinder- It is controlled hydraulically in both directions. It is suitable for all those applications where gravity or external force cannot retract the cylinder. Packet-ejector cylinder in transfer trailers and refuse vehicles concludes to the common application. While using any mechanical device it is always crucial to note that it is built with high-grade materials. Also it is well-tested to deliver a safer operation. Reliable and practical Telescopic Cylinders can now be bought from Telescopic Cylinder Manufacturers and Suppliers in India ​. Getting your choice of a product according to the applications is now much more convenient. Source by: ​

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