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this is a management story how you make strategies in tipical situation.


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STORY MONKEY AND CROCODILE OF Made by:- Dheerendra singh mba

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There was a big lake. In that lake a Crocodile used to live with his wife. By the side of the lake was a big mango tree.

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On that tree one monkey called Chathura used to live. Mango season came. The mango tree was full of mangos. The monkey used to eat lots of sweet mangos.

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One day, the crocodile swam near the tree and asked Chathura . “I see you are eating something. Can you also give me one?” Chathura happily plucked two mangos and dropped them into the water. The crocodile ate them and liked them. From then on, daily Chathura gave a few mangos to the crocodile. Why not

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One day the crocodile took a few mangos to his wife who liked them very much. She asked the crocodile, “You say that the monkey on the tree eats lot of this sweet fruit. I am sure his brain will be very sweet. I would like to eat the monkey’s brain."

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The crocodile’s wife started crying. The crocodile promised his wife that he would somehow bring the monkey’s brain. Crocodile told his wife that Chathura was a good monkey and to take out his brain one has to kill him. Ok

He then swam near the mango tree and told the monkey. :

He then swam near the mango tree and told the monkey. “My wife is very sad because you are not visiting our house. Today she has made some special sweets only for you. Please come to my house.” “Of course, I would also like to come. But you live in the middle of water and I do not know how to swim.” “That is no problem at all. You can sit on my back and I can carry you to my home.”

The monkey agreed and climbed on the crocodile’s back.:

The monkey agreed and climbed on the crocodile’s back.

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When they were deep inside the water, the crocodile laughed and told him. “Actually my wife wanted to eat your brain. That is why I am taking you. Today we will both eat your brain.”

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The monkey who was very clever replied “You should have told this earlier. My brain became wet in yesterday's rain. So I had taken it out and hanged on the tree for drying.” Hearing this, the crocodile told to the monkey, “If that is the case, I will take you to the mango tree. You can climb on the tree and bring back your brain. If I take you without your brain, my wife will be very angry."

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The monkey agreed, and as soon as they reached the shore, it jumped climbed on the tree and threw a very big stone on the crocodile and told him, “ Hey, foolish crocodile, I was giving you fruits. Still you wanted to kill me. Now I will not give you any more fruits.”

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