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Mardi Gras! : 

Mardi Gras! By: Jenny Portillo & Carolina Berrios (: throw me something!

History of Mardi Gras (: : 

History of Mardi Gras (: In mid February, ancient Romans celebrated a festival almost like Mardi Gras. Then in the early 17thcentury, Mardi Gras became a holiday because of the Romans. ?

King Cake (: : 

King Cake (: King Cakes are a huge part of the Festival Season. It’s traditional to get these yummy cakes every year! Tradition calls for the person that gets the “ lucky” baby, has to buy the next cake! The cakes are usually decorated in the colors of Mardi Gras, green, gold, and purple.

When? (: : 

When? (: It is celebrated 47 days before Easter. Mardi Gras can last very long. (25-65 days) So most of the time Mardi Gras is celebrated in February or March.

? : 

? There are many famous parades like Krewe of Zeus, Krewe of Orpheus, and Endymion. Each float has a different theme. Such as, the 60’s, Grease, Sports, Retro, Hollywood, Gone with the wind, etc.. (: Floats & Parades!

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Some parades are crazy and irregular, like, Barkus and Zulu. Barkus is a parade that is strictly dedicated to dogs! The people on the floats throw things such as dog treats, and toys. Ridiculous Parades?

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If you ever go to parades, you will see a lot of different costumes. People always dress up, to get into the Mardi Gras sprit. Some people wear animal costumes, ones that look like people, and lots of different masks. ? Mardi Gras Costumes! (;

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Vidrine, Beverly B. A Mardi Gras Dictionary. Hong Kong: Sunflower Press, 1994. Works Cited (:

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? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The End (:

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