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We have the biggest collection of model ships available. We also offer custom ship models.


By: GreyP (106 month(s) ago)

Look at all these yachts for sale in Florida I found at http://www.gcyachts.com

By: sarfaraz (139 month(s) ago)

The Albatross ship model you sent me surpassed my best expectations. Congratulations. Looking forward for our next friendly co-operation. Fokion Georgakopoulos – Buyer of Albatross (Greece, June 2005)

By: sarfaraz (139 month(s) ago)

Despite an almost impossible schedule, this extraordinary team of craftsfolk managed to deliver ‘2 x 8 feet' ship models of the HMS Beagle and HMS Bellona, on time and on budget ...Mike Tucker - Miniature Effects Supervisor, BBC, (UK, January 05)

By: sarfaraz (139 month(s) ago)

Thank you very much, we have received our model boat. It is wonderful. Best regards Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore - Dr J. Toth - Buyer of Amerigo Vespucci (Hungary, May 2005)

By: sarfaraz (139 month(s) ago)

The ship models are exceptional, everyone just loves them, floating in the air. Merima Marine Interior Solutions ....Caribbean Cruise Line company. Mikko Kunnas - Director, Merima Ltd, (Finland, December 2004)

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Custom Ship Models, Historic Wood Model Ships, Sailing Boats, Model Yacht & Pirate Ships - Premier Ship Models

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premiershipmodels.com Custom build models We have developed our own unique custom build process, to streamline the custom build process. Specialist in custom work – “If it floats, we’ll make a model of it”. We have no minimum order for custom work, and therefore will take orders of one model only. We have dealt with volume orders (to the tune of hundreds of pieces) to very tight deadlines. We provide a unique research service in order to complement our custom build service.

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premiershipmodels.com Custom build models

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premiershipmodels.com Company track record Company is well established – been trading for 7 years, with double digit growth year on year. Absolutely unique in terms of positive customer feedback – none of our competitors come anywhere close to that number of customer references. Our customer references focuses on all aspects of a business: from customer service, to price and quality. http://www.premiershipmodels.com/index.php/fuseaction/home.content/page/customerfeedback Our clientele ranges from the enthusiast, to private collectors, to museums, corporates to members of the Royal family. We have a very high percentage of repeat clients and referred business.

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premiershipmodels.com Variety of offer Covers the whole spectrum of ship models – from kits to remote control to ready-made models – hence providing the client with a one stop shop. Caters for all clientele who likes ship model – price range is from tens to thousands of UK pounds. In addition to our own unique range, we have approx 15 other suppliers, offering altogether over 400 ship models to our clientele. Unique in offering over 250 ready-made display models.

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premiershipmodels.com Variety of offer Model Boat Kits Radio Control Boats Silver Range Gold Range Platinum Range

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premiershipmodels.com Restoration service We offer a unique restoration service from as basic as a conservation clean to practically a full re-build. Most other Companies will not offer a restoration service.

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premiershipmodels.com Restoration service

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premiershipmodels.com Display Cases We offer 5 different types of display cases including Perspex and glass cases. All are made to order to match the clients’ ship model.

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premiershipmodels.com Display Case - 1 Display Case 1 - Flat Pack with Perspex. (BN)

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premiershipmodels.com Display Case 2 - Ready Made with Perspex. (ADC) Display Case - 2

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premiershipmodels.com Display Case 3 - Ready Made with Perspex. (PW) Display Case - 3

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premiershipmodels.com Display Case 4 - Ready Made with Glass. (PJ) Display Case - 4

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premiershipmodels.com Display Case 5 - Ready Made with Toughened Glass. (SC) Display Case - 5

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premiershipmodels.com Our own range of model ships. Through investment in production and research and development, we offer our own unique range of ship models, from gold to platinum to custom. Ready made – Gold range Platinum Range Custom Made Ship Models

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premiershipmodels.com UK Head Office Sunny View Causeway Close Potters Bar Herts EN6 5HW England.   Tel: + 44 (0)1707 66 20 10 Email: info@premiershipmodels.com Contact Us

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Thank you

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