Where to Find an Traditional South Indian Food in USA

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South Indian foods are tasty and healthy. Almost you can see a lot of south Indian restaurant in USA, but the concern is where to find an authentic and tradition south indian restaurant in USA.


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Since the first time immigrants from India landed into USA almost 5 decades ago they have kept the culture alive through a vast range of flavorful and appetizing cuisines. As Indians dispersed throughout USA the variety of dishes that mushroomed simultaneously was indeed a revelation. In fact the culinary compass has extended itself quite a bit ever since. Today there are tons of Indian restaurants in USA that serve legit Indian food which would appease to any palate. With time south Indian food has become the latest addition to gastronomical delights. If you’re a keen foodie looking to savor fare from a south Indian food menu I have just the place in mind. I’m of course talking about one of the best south Indian restaurants in USA - Dharani If the name sounds unfamiliar you have no idea what you’re missing out on. Believe me from the moment you have your first meal here you will keep coming back for more.

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From the ultimate comfort food of India- the heartwarming curd rice reminiscent of home to a roundup of the yummiest curries from across India Dharani has it all. Personally this restaurant uncovered an entire sphere of dishes that I didn’t know existed. This restaurant breaks the notion that south Indian food is limited to just Idlis and Dosas. With its roots spread out over to the five southern states of India and a few favorites outside Dharani offers an array of flavorful dishes that are alien to a lot of the people dining in. You could indulge in a forkful of the exquisitely succulent Lamb Chettinad or choose to dive deeper into the soul of south Indian food - a hot crispy Dosa. Whatever you choose to opt for you will understand exactly what I’m talking about as you experience love at first bite.

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This authentic south Indian restaurant has something for everyone. In all honesty though this chain of Indian restaurants in USA has a lot more to credit its success to. The courteous staff adds a certain character to the pleasant meals served at this restaurant. How can you not enjoy good food even more with beaming faces around Unlike a lot of other restaurants that do not take the effort of training their waiters the Dharani staff is quite well- versed with the ingredients and dishes. Let’s just say they know how to make an epic experience out of dining.

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The real beauty though lies in the fact that there is something extraordinary about the cultural ties to the cuisine. There’s no denying that the food in all its glory is as authentic as it gets Dharani has managed to retain the true taste and genuine flavors of south India in a market like USA that is known to thrive on junk food. This restaurant is an epitome of a culinary kitchen that offers a chance to relish great fresh food while preserving the essence of the rich culture that is prevalent in a country as culturally diverse as India. For a desi at heart nothing says favorite restaurant like a good south Indian food menu that lets you binge to your heart’s content with top notch service being the icing on the cake. Website: www.dharanius.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DharaniWestborough/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Dharani_Cuisine

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