IE code registration in Chennai

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IE code registration in Chennai:

Import and export of goods service are done around the world such like that nothing cannot be imported or exported. So regulations should be made. This ppt speaks about IE code registration in Chennai which is given for the people who are involved in import and export of goods. It is issued by Directorate General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. IE code registration in Chennai

IE code registration in Chennai can be done online? :

Initially you have to get into DGFT website .It has the address as Secondly get into services tab and enter PAN number. Then enter mobile number and email id. Enter captcha code and generate token. Enter relevant details . OTP which is one time password will be sent. Then E-com number will obtain which is shown in Importer exporter code. This number will be used for future reference. Add entity, Branch, Director or Partner details. Thirdly, attach scanned copy of the documents. Pay fees for it as required. Preview and print the application and on submission IEC certificate will be displayed IE code registration in Chennai can be done online?

Required Documents – IE code registration :

First one is PAN card. He must have current saving account in a bank which deals with foreign exchange. He should have sales deed, electricity bill or phone bill to verify the address. He should have valid email id and phone number. He should have cancelled cheque and Banker’s certificate in prescribed manner. IE code Registration in Chennai does the job of registering when these documents obtained. In case an NRI is applying then a scanned copy of RBI approval letter. Also Digital signature is required. IE code Registration in Chennai should emphasis on it Required Documents – IE code registration

Required Documents – IE code registration:

For proprietorship, the above said documents and digital photo of the proprietor is needed. For partnership, LLP, Private, Public limited company, Registered Trust and society may have to produce the Deed, PAN and passport of the entity. Documents of HUF has PAN passport of the Karta in HUF should be provided. I/E code registration in Tirupur must ensure whether the above said documents are provided. In two working days it will be delivered. An IEC cannot be revalidated. Because PAN is attached to it. For any cancellation 15 working days are needed. So for cancellation one should surrender the original IEC with all pending liabilities. And also declaration should be filed. On this it will be tested whether there are no liabilities and be cancelled in 15 working days.IE code registration in Tirupur does this work for you. There are some cases because application is rejected. Whether documents are not proper, Address proof not attached and IFSC is not mentioned Also IEC number is necessary to export and import.IE code registration in Tirupur intimates people about its importance. An IEC number is valid for ever and there is no need to renew. If original IEC is lost or damaged duplicate copy of IEC issued in Appendix 18B format. Not only IE code also GST is required to import and export. It is essential to register with port .It is also called as port registration. Based upon the items imported and exported license is obtained. Required Documents – IE code registration

IE Code -Process:

IEC number can be modified as follows. IE code Registration in Chennai assists you in doing this. Step1: Enter PAN in DGFT portal. Step2: Enter PAN, date of birth, enter OTP,File number, Date and name Step3: Then click on IEC modification. IE Code -Process

To check IEC status. :

The IE code Registration in Trichy facilitates to check the status of the IEC number. Initially login to DGFT website. Select IEC and know IEC status.PAN number and fist three letters of the name can be entered. Then check the status. It is a 10 digit number. Everything to be known about DGFT licensing. This license authority of export, import. It can regulate the activities. Bank realization Certificate is important which is amount payed by importer or exporter.BRC is important. IE code Registration in Trichy teaches about DGFT. To check IEC status.


Since IEC has lifetime validity there is no need to file return. Only on time of receiving, sending goods IEC is important. Also it is said if a person has more proprietorship firms then only one IEC is obtained. Because it is given against PAN card.

Any idea about CRES:

CRES stands for Certificate of Registration as Export of spices. In case of import and export of the spices then CRES is needed. It is valid up to three years. In one week time it is sent and by speed post. In case if it is lost then request should be sent along with Rs.100 and attested copy of IE code. This can be suspended and can be cancelled. Suspension, cancellation is done by IE code Registration in Chennai. Because of this registration Expansion of business is possible; there is no filing of returns and easy processing. Also if a person has to send money abroad that is exporting money it requires IEC. When an exporter receives money in foreign currency then IEC is required from bank. . It involves custom as well Any idea about CRES


IE code Registration in salem says that the APEDA that is Agricultural and processed food products Export development Authority. Since export and import are involved then IEC is required. Also the food license requires IEC. AD code says about the Authorized Dealer code provides by banker.AD is often linked with IE code of the company in which export and import is carried out.AD is 14 digit number. : IE code Registration in Salem follows basic procedure to obtain AD code.


Write a letter to the bank which has current account. Once you receive 14 digits AD number you can attach it to the Customs. So CHA (Customs House Agents) .On your behalf the documents will be submitted. On filing an export you will know whether AD code is registered in custom. You should file an export. If error occurs then AD code is not registered. IE code Registration in Salem does this work for you. CRES

Can AD be changed? :

Yes IE code Registration in Coimbatore helps you to do this. You should give a letter with the request to change AD. And also E-mail should be provided of the Bank branch. When given AD will be changed and new AD is generated. No export and import can be done without AD. So it is necessary. It is impeccably done by IE code Registration in Coimbatore IE code Registration in Coimbatore helps in registering with customs. Can AD be changed?


Authority letter issued by the banker. Then self attested copy of GST registration. Self attested copy of income tax return. Self attested copy of bank statement (minimum12 months.).Self attested by PAN. Aadhar , IE. Copy of central excise registration and rental agreement. Export House Certificate and Board resolution is needed. When you are exporting shipment then AD is required. In absence of AD Electronic Data Interchange system of ICEGATE portal will not allow shipping of bill number. It will be needed for custom clearance. IE code Registration in Madurai educates people about it.


Bill of landing is the carrier of goods issue to the shipper of the goods. It is proof for shipment. Owner of Cargo has all the right to claim. Export general manifest is a legal documentary to be filled with goods of carrier. The customs certify the proof of export. Also IGM is present which is called Import General Manifest. IE code Registration in Madurai helps in taking such bills. Shipping bill is also to be produced for the customs verification in the form of application. It is physically verified .

Conclusion :

According to recent circular traders who are all registered under GST no need to give IEC. In that case IEC can be constructed as new IEC .It is not necessary for personal use. If you are looking for an expansion of market beyond borders then IEC is the most important aspect in trading. Conclusion

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