The Progressive Era

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The Progressive Era : 

An introduction and the Reformers The Progressive Era

Progressivism was… : 

Progressivism was… A response to problems created by the Industrial Revolution (What were they?) An attempt to help the poor and working class An effort to curb the power of corruption An undertaking of “purity” reform

Who were the reformers? : 

Who were the reformers? Socialists Labor leaders Child Labor reformers Government Reformers Muckrakers

Socialists : 

Socialists Government control of property & income End capitalist system (inequality) Redistribute wealth Nationalize industries No revolution—changes through elections Socialist Party formed 1901

Labor Leaders : 

Labor Leaders Goal: unionize Reducing hours, higher wages, safer working conditions Union membership grew—bosses still used violence Injunctions were a new tool Illinois (1893) passed 1st labor law—limiting women’s hours

Child Labor Reformers : 

Child Labor Reformers Goal: end child labor Many parents DID NOT support this—Why? 1st law—Illinois (1893) Jane Adams & Florence Kelly (Chicago)—famous reformers They also fought for women’s reforms

Government Reformers : 

Government Reformers Wanted to get rid of corruption End Boss System Best way—Civil Service System Home Rule (local government out from states)

Muckrakers : 

Muckrakers Used investigative techniques Informed the public of wrongs in business, government, and society Most famous—Upton Sinclair’s The Jungle Pres. Roosevelt read their stuff Sheep Run Video (funny)

Progressive Legislation (State & Local) : 

Progressive Legislation (State & Local) New forms of government (City Manager) Cities take over utilities Cities—welfare services; parks Primaries, initiative, referendum, recall Fire inspections; workers comp laws Minimum wage and maximum hour laws for women Child Labor (under 14) abolished

Progressive Legislation (Federal) : 

Progressive Legislation (Federal) 16th Amendment (Income Tax) 17th Amendment (Direct election of Senators) 18th Amendment (Prohibition) 19th Amendment (Women right to vote)

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