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Name: Deyanira PalmarSection: R-411English ClassTeacher: Doris Molero : 

Name: Deyanira PalmarSection: R-411English ClassTeacher: Doris Molero

Hero From the Past : 

Hero From the Past Rafael José Urdaneta y Faría, is a Hero of the Spanish American was of Independence in several countries in northern South America. Urdaneta was born in the province of Maracaibo in Venezuela to an elite family of Spanish descent. Prior to the Independence war he was a student of Latin and philosophy, and a pay officer for the viceregal troops in Bogotá, New Granada. After the establishment of a junta in Caracas, Urdaneta joined its military in the fight against royalist areas. After years of service to the patriotic cause, he became one of Simon Bolivar's closest collaborators and was promoted to general in the republican army. Rafael Urdaneta. (October 24, 1788 - August 23, 1845)

Hero From the Cartoon : 

Spider-Man is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero. Spider-Man's creators gave him super strength and agility, the ability to cling to most surfaces, shoot spider-webs using devices of his own invention which he called "web-shooters," and react to danger quickly with his "spider-sense", enabling him to combat his foes. Spider-Man is one of the most popular and commercially successful superheroes. Hero From the Cartoon Spider-Man

Hero From the Modern Days : 

Hero From the Modern Days Simón Narciso Díaz Márquez born August 8, 1928. Is a singer and Grammy Awardd winning composerr of Venezuelan music. Díaz has endeavored to recover the folklore and musical traditions of the llanos, the Venezuelan plains. This style of music has since been performed by artists such as Argentina’s Mercedes Sosa, Brazil’s Caetano Veloso, Spain’s Joan Manuel Serrat, Peru's Susana Baca, Puerto Rico’s Danny Rivera, and Venezuelans Franco De Vita, Soledad Bravo and José Luis Rodríguez, among others Simón Díaz

My Personal Hero : 

My Personal Hero My personal Hero is my brother, her name is Hernan Palmar, he is bron here in Maracaibo for which it he gets up early every day to be going to work and this way to realize his her labors, is efficient, ingenious, and strong to construct homes for many families for which he is a master builder. Hernan Palmar

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