On Demand Development trends 2019


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On Demand Development Trends 2019:

On Demand Development Trends 2019


The increase in technology demand has made the changing trend a common thing. Every year, we get to witness so many amazing trends in mobile application development . This year is not going to be any different than others. We have summed up some of the most amazing mobile development trends that one will witness in the coming year. Introduction

Blockchain Technology :

The On Demand App development is going to reach a new level with the soaring use of blockchain . It might be developed a long time back but in 2018, it managed to create a fuzz. However, in the coming year, it is going to be one of the major beneficial application for investors and institutes that deals with finance. It is assumed that by 2024, the blockchain market will reach new heights with the increase up to $20 billion. Blockchain Technology

On-Demand Application:

In terms of mobile application, it is expected that more sectors are going to surge up in the coming years. The demand in the application has taken a new turn with the 24x7 marketing of business with Smartphone. Example : Taxify and Uber application when it comes to on-demand application. Even in 2017, the overall business of on-demand application was estimated more than $106 million. On-Demand Application


The main issue with the companies and customer was lack of communication. There was some hour of the gap in replying to customers after they asked a question. But this won’t be the case in 2019 with the involvement of Chatbot . In 2018, we witnessed custom mobile app development coming up with the concept of Chabot that has some stored frequently asked question. This makes the reply instant and one was able to get replies giving best service providing services. Chatbots

Virtual Reality:

Now comes the concept of VR that is surging for such a long time. However, it was not until 2018 that it actually gained popularity due to its amazing level of interaction. This makes everyone understand that there is so much beyond screen that makes it special. It has managed to enhance the experience of users and hence as a result of helping companies to thrive. Virtual Reality

Mobile Payment Services:

The online payment gateways are increasing with time and has made it easy to make the transfer. This doesn’t mean that banking platform is taking a step back but help is provided to the banking platforms. In 2019, the options of mobile payment will increase and with e-commerce market added to it, digitalization is a good idea. This is a more convenient way to deal payment issues if any arise saving a lot of time and efforts. Mobile Payment Services

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In 2019, we all can only assume what these applications can actually do. But the development companies understand the influence in a better way. So, it is opportune to Hire Dedicated Developers Dubai than a local developer that might not be aware of the changing trends to reach the milestone.

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