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Exporter & Importer of Pharmaceutical Raw Material & Food Ingredients

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Maharashtra, India About Us Established in 2005, at Mumbai Specialized R&D wing Agent of CEAMSA, POLYGAL, KRONER & others Stockiest of Ajinomoto, Sweeteners & others Distributors of Global Calcium Representative of VM Chemicals & others

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Why Us? Competitive price Wide distribution network Superior quality & reliable Offer technical solution Experienced & qualified workforce Professionally managed organization Membership Maharashtra, India

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Products Maize Starch Amino Acids & Sweeteners Gluconates & Ascorbates Food Ingredient Allied Products Maharashtra, India

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Maize Starch Dextrose Anhydrous Dextrose Monohydrate Liquid Glucose Malto Dextrin White Dextrin Sorbitol Powder Maharashtra, India

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Amino Acids & Sweeteners L Alanine & Arginine L Aspartic Acids L Cystine & Glutamine L Glutamic Acid L Valine & Phenylalanine Acesulfame K Aspartame & Sucralose Xylitol & Stevia Maharashtra, India

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Gluconates & Ascorbates Calcium Ascorbate Calcium Citrate Malate Calcium Lactate Gluconate -GLOCAL Lactobionic Acid & Potassium Citrate Mangnese Gluconate & Orotate Maharashtra, India

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Food Ingredient CEAMSA Polygal Kroner k Starke Huegli Stahlbush Maharashtra, India

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Allied Products Whey Protein Concentrates Whey Protein Hydrolysates & Isolates Lactose & Lactoferrin Casienates (Ca, Mg, K) Native Potato Starch Sodium CMC & Cocoa Powder Maharashtra, India

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Contact Us Devson Impex Private Limited (Head Office) Mr. Chetan Tolia Gr 24, T V Industrial Estate, 248 Worli Road, S.k Ahire Marg Mumbai - 400030, INDIA

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