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Presented by Kavita Dev Jyoti Kamal & Kohli A Report On Effect Of Advertisements On Business Of Super Markets In Shimla


INTRODUCTION A supermarket is a self-serviceinto departments. It is larger in size and has a wider selection than a traditional grocery store and it is smaller than a hypermarket or superstore. store offering a wide variety of food and household merchandise, organized The supermarket typically comprises meat, fresh produce, dairy, and baked goods departments along with shelf space reserved for canned and packaged goods as well as for various nonfood items such as household cleaners, pharmacy products, and pet supplies. Most supermarkets also sell a variety of other household products that are consumed regularly, such as alcohol (where permitted), household cleaning products, medicine, clothes, and some sell a much wider range of nonfood products.

Methodology : 

Methodology Sample size- 4 Super Markets & 30 people Sample unit- Vishal Mega Mart, Amartax, Mega Mart, Gainda Mal Hem Raj Sample method- Personal interview

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Super Markets in Shimla Vishal Mega Mart Chotta Shimla Amartex Sanjauli Gainda Mul Hem Raj The Mall Road Mega mart Sanjauli

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Chotta Shimla

About Vishal Mega Mart : 

About Vishal Mega Mart It started as a humble one store enterprise in 1986 in Kolkata(erstwhile, Calcutta) Today it heaving 108 showrooms in 73 cities / 20 states. India’s first hyper-market has also been opened for the Indian consumer by Vishal. Situated in the national capital Delhi this store boasts of the singe largest collection of goods and commodities sold under one roof in India The group had a turnover of Rs. 1463.12 million for fiscal 2005, under the dynamic leadership of Mr.Ram Chandra Aggarwal . The group had of turnover Rs 2884.43 million for fiscal 2006 and Rs. 6026.53 million for fiscal 2007 The group’s prime focus is on retailing Vishal is one of fastest growing retailing groups in India. Its outlets cater to almost all price ranges. The showrooms have over 70,000 products range which fulfills all your household needs, and can be catered to under one roof. It is covering about 2059292 lac sq. ft. in 18 state across India. Each store gives you international quality goods and fair prices It Opened in Shimla in the year of 2007 Providing best quality on minimum rates Providing products directly from manufacturer to consumer

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The Founders

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Expenditure On Advertisements

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Vishal Mega Mart

Comments of Managing Staff : 

Comments of Managing Staff Through the Advertisement able to Introduce our new products As per given target by the company achieving them successfully. We are totally satisfied with output of Advertisement Approx. 50-100 customers are visiting everyday Gives special discount on occasions In brief Advertisement helps us to achieve all targets given to us every month.

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Promotional Schemes

Comments of public : 

Comments of public The Vishal stores offer affordable family fashion at prices to suit every pocket.Come to know about new product About the new schemes they provides Schemes are Short term as mentioned in advertisements Clearly mentions the scheme conditions in the advertisement Parking facility is a problem Products are according to price Gives special discount as mentioned Schemes comes for short period Some of the products are selling in high rates according to their market price.

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About Amartex : 

About Amartex Amartex Industries Ltd, which has 26 retail outlets selling readymade garments under the brand names Groviano and Italio, will invest Rs 60 crore on setting up an additional 50 retail outlets in various parts of the country.  The company is also establishing a manufacturing and warehousing base in China at an estimated cost of Rs 30 crore. Besides, AIL is setting up a Rs 20-crore manufacturing unit at Daruhera, Haryana. Basically it focus on textile products Having its shopping malls in many cities Provides every Textile & Glossary items under 1 roof Giving best quality on minimum rates & with heavy discount Contact: Amartex Industries Ltd 365, Industrial Area Phase-1, Panchkula, Haryana. Tel: 0172-584366

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Known for Super Savings on Quality garments for Men, Women, Kids, Infants etc. only at Amartex. Discover new and exciting products and ideas to beautify your home, garden and kitchen presented by Amartex. A number of women are taking advantage of our low priced products which are quite easily fashioned for their needs. Amartex Grocery department has a true mixture of organic, natural and conventional grocery items. FEATURES CATEGORIES

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FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods)

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Medium of Advertisements of Amartex

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Comments of Managing Staff : 

Comments of Managing Staff Add is only 1 media which helps us to increase our sale To Introduce the our new products With the help of advertisement we are achieving our targets of product sale We are totally satisfied with output of Advertisement Approx. 50-150 customers are visiting everyday Special discount on occasions

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Promotional Schemes No promotional scheme detail given by the staff

Comments of public : 

Comments of public Products providing in low price with good quality Schemes are Short term as mentioned in advertisements A fair price Gives special discount Schemes comes for a short period

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Advertisement is used by super market owners to introduce their product to people and spending huge amount on it It attract consumer which they cant reach personally It announces their promotional schemes Easy to people to make choice while sitting home or at work Advertisement is playing very important role in life of normal public where they get aware of the changes in the market Now days it is as a trend to give advertisement

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Thank You

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