How to Find IRCTC PNR Status

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How to Find IRCTC PNR Status:

How to Find IRCTC PNR Status By:

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PNR is short name for 'Passenger Call Record'. It is a record in the data source of Indian Railways computer appointment system (IR-CRS) versus which trip details for a guest, or a team of passengers are saved.

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To be details, when a reserved train ticket is scheduled for a train in Indian Railways, all the information of travelers are kept in relational data source of central reservation system. These details are related to a unique ten figure number. This reference number is called PNR as well as it is published on the ticket.

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Traveler's personal info like name, age, sex etc. is saved in the data source versus this reference number. It includes columns to save reserving standing and present standing of the ticket.

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As we know every train has limited variety of seats, at some time one could not obtain a confirmed scheduled ticket. Scheduling condition of such waiting list (W/L) ticket adjustments when there is any kind of accessibility of reserved seats because of termination. This new existing reservation standing is typically referred to as PNR status .

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INDIAN RAILWAY PNR STANDING In Indian Railways advancement reservation is permits as much as 90 days prior to the real train start day.

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Guest needs to schedule a ticket well development to obtain a verified ticket. If confirm ticket is not readily available, Railway supplies a ticket with RAC (Reservation Versus Termination) OR WL (Wait Listing) ticket. Both RAC and WL ticket additionally have a PNR number.

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When you get PNR status, after that you have to know whether the ticket is validated or not. If the PNR condition code is CNF, after that your ticket is confirmed. There are different types of PNR status codes that you will obtain. The list of PNR status codes are revealed listed below:

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CNF/ Confirmed: Confirmed (Coach/Berth number will certainly be available after graph prep work). RAC: Appointment versus Termination. WL: Waiting Listing Number. GNWL: General Wait List.

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RLWL: Remote Location Wait List. PQWL: Pooled Allocation Wait Listing. CONTAINER/ MOD: Cancelled or Modified Guest. REGRET/WL: Say goodbye to Reservation Permitted. R # #RAC: Train Number Berth Number.

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RELEASED Ticket: Not Cancelled but Alternate Lodging Offered.



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