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Devos Academy of Music and Arts Devos Academy of Music and Arts Devos Academy of Music and Arts

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Art Painting Classes Miami FL Signing Up For Art Painting Classes Miami FL Anyone who is looking to transform the way that they look at art through learning will benefit greatly by signing up for various art painting classes Miami FL has to offer. Paint has the ability to allow you to produce amazing works of art in a new and therapeutic way. In order to really take advantage of the passion inside of you when it comes to painting, it is going to help you to become involved in painting courses in Miami FL so that you can start to build upon your current skills.   What Are Art Painting Classes Miami FL? Learning to paint in a painting class is like a training...

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Art Classes & Painting Classes In Miami. Our painting classes in Miami are offered at affordable rates for children and adults. Our classes will teach you art at any age and any level. If you have ever wanted to learn to draw or paint, then we will help you achieve your Artistic goals and desires. Figurative Drawing Still-lives to Portraiture. Students will learn the basic foundation of drawing including shading, modeling, cross-hatching, and sketching. They will work towards building their skills and artistic confidence as they progress from drawing still-lives to drawing people, in a realistic manner.

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Eager to step into the world of clear, captivating, and reverberating piano notes? Wish to polish your natural musical talents? Or Want to get expert music advice? Get ready to create your music world right in your own home! Devos Academy, your ultimate source for effectual and fun piano lessons, expands its offerings to give your entire family the supreme levels of piano education. Proudly presenting at-home piano lessons for kids and adults, we ensure to bring your inner musician alive. Learn How To Play Piano Today! Having provided a safe haven to artists and musicians, we are now all set to offer you the best at-home piano lessons. We have employed practiced and expert instructors to offer piano lessons in your home, within your own comfort zone. No need to bear inflexible class schedules or wait during piano lessons, or drive to and from a music academy. Get in touch with the Devos Academy’s broad network of skilled piano instructors to help your loved ones explore their piano-playing abilities.

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Contact us 960 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite 401 Miami Beach, FL, 33140 Devos Academy of Music and Arts

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