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Devos Academy focuses on student’s wishes and personal musical achievement or Painting . Whether you are a beginner or advanced, All teachers are trained for the Devos French Method of learning, to provide you the personal course you need.


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WELL COME TO Devos Academy of Music and Arts:

WELL COME TO Devos Academy of Music and Arts []

Enjoy this wonderful feeling of being an Artist with Devos Academy!:

Enjoy this wonderful feeling of being an Artist with Devos Academy! Devos new French Artistic school was founded by Meryll Devos , French piano virtuoso graduate of the Conservatoire National Superieur (National Superior Conservatory) of Paris, France. She trained in Paris students of all levels and ages. Don't forget to check your copy of Miami Beach Magazine for our special offer ! MB Magazine is a great local magazine that covers all types of topics, and we are happy to be featured on the first page for the Fall Issue. DEVOS NEWS

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Having fun while learning to play music is what we are all about! The DEVOS French Method of Music is totally student-oriented. We believe that each student is unique, and is looking for his/her own musical achievement. Before the first class, we will take the time to understand each student and his/her goal, in order to provide a quality course centered on each student's wishes. As soon as you sign in, you will tell us your specific needs and requirements so that we can collaborate on a course that exactly matches your needs. We have observed that each student has a very different way of learning. Some will look for a traditional method of learning, in order to achieve excellence,  while some others will look for a more playful learning experience. Our DEVOS Method of learning takes this into account with two program orientations: Read More “Express Myself” learn in a pleasure-basis goal, with a fun method of education. 2. “Music as my Passion” the objective here is not only to play music, but to excel in this practice. This Program Orientation is dedicated to students who do not only want to play an instrument for pleasure, but aim to excel in it. Based on a traditional method of learning, this program allows the students to progress in a perfectly-defined musical framework, while at the same time enjoying their practice.

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Contact Information Devos Academy of Music and Arts 960 Arthur Godfrey Road Suite 401 Miami Beach FL 33140 Telephone: 305.763.8114



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