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Healthy cells can become cancerous, get your gene therapy done to restore your natural cancer-preventing gene in your body. For more information visit the website https://www.integrated-health-systems.com/


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Our Alzheimer’s Disease Trial


We intend to test telomerase gene therapy to rejuvenate microglial cells in a Alzheimer’s Disease trial, building on promising research study data. There is mounting evidence to indicate telomerase plays an active role in protection from Tau Pathology and various experiments have encouraged us to pursue this therapy with the goal of eliminating the suffering this disease brings.


A RESEARCH REVIEW: Neurodegeneration and Telomerase  Critically short telomeres lead to oxidative stress and neuroinflammation – established contributors to Alzheimer’s pathology. The TERT protein appears to reduce toxic Tau tangle accumulation and alleviate mitochondrial stress. Senescent microglial cells are linked to Alzheimer’s. Telomerase extension can prevent cellular senescence by repairing critically short telomeres. Aggregated amyloid beta and Alzheimer’s pathology inhibit telomerase expression; accelerating disease progression by accelerating microglial senescence. Immune cell senescence is associated with Alzheimer’s onset. Astrocyte senescence is also correlated with Alzheimer’s onset, and may be prevented by telomerase induction. Old microglia exposed to the conditioned media of young microglia are better able to reduce amyloid plaque formation.


Our Therapy BioViva’s gene therapy targeting neurodegeneration utilizes an adeno-associated virus (AAV) vector platform modified for the enhanced delivery to neural tissue. The genes to treat the disorder are inserted into the virus, which then delivers the genes of interest to the patient’s cells. In recent years AAV gene therapies have been tested in humans with great success and no evidence of adverse effects. There are numerous clinical trials currently being conducted with AAV gene therapy for many diseases. Our AAV telomerase gene therapy is delivered via intrathecal injection into the cerebrospinal fluid, enabling neural delivery.


Who is Dr. Jason Williams? Dr. Jason Williams has been delivering gene therapy to patients for over 14 years. Furthermore, he was one of the first doctors to deliver P53 gene therapy to cancer patients in North America. Over the past decade, a number of new cancer therapies have been developed. Such as: Gene therapy Tumour ablation Immunotherapy Continual refinement, updating & perfection is required of these treatments. Offering the best long term outcomes, and the highest level of care to patients. At Integrated Health Systems, our primary concern is your health and wellbeing. We understand that this period of your life can be testing. We only deliver the very best level of care, and aim to fight your cancer completely. We wish you a long and healthy future and look forward to working with you.


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