The love between Indians and their jewellery

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One of the largest democracies in the world- India – is the home to over 1.3 billion individuals. It is a land of diversity, of different languages, religions and cultures.


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The love between Indians and their jewellery One of the largest democracies in the world- India – is the home to over 1.3 billion individuals. It is a land of diversity of different languages religions and cultures. The country not only boasts of a glorious historical past but is also continuously advancing socio-economically politically and technologically in the present. From some magnificent pieces of architecture to glorious pieces of arts and crafts the country has no dearth of beauty. However it is the exquisite pieces of jewellery that are manufactured sold and extremely loved in the country that add to India’s glory and charm. The love that Indians have for jewellery is no secret. A unique aspect that unites all Indians with respect to jewellery is that it is not gender specific. Although women very evidently are bigger fans of jewellery Indian men also have a soft spot for items like gold ring gold chain and gold bracelet in their hearts. A direct evidence of the diversity and cultural vastness the country boasts of is visible in the various festivals that the citizens of the country celebrate. All year round Indian households can be seen either celebrating or looking forward to celebrating one festival or the other. From buying new clothes and dressing up to decorating the houses Indians leave no stone unturned when it comes to celebrating festivals and special occasions. Their love for jewellery only adds to the festivities. Be it Dhanteras Diwali or Eid Indian jewellers always find their shops to be crowded by eager customers waiting to buy beautiful pieces of jewellery during festivals. From intricate gold bangles to gold necklace and earrings the Indian woman makes sure that she buys the right piece of jewellery that will add further to her charm and beauty. After all Indians especially women love dressing up on special occasions. Another aspect of this love affair between Indians and jewellery is the value a piece of jewellery holds in the minds of Indians. In the Western world the concept of minimalism is predominantly followed. There women prefer possessing and wearing light-weight and minimal jewellery. In India on the other hand the bigger and shinier a piece of jewellery the better. The Indian marriage system also adds to this phenomenon of giving extreme importance to jewellery. From brides wearing heavy bridal jewellery sets to families exchanging pieces of jewellery as gifts for relatives an Indian wedding is the hotspot for witnessing all the glitz and glamour that comes with shining jewellery. The love that Indians have for jewellery is also visible in the fact that in India buying a piece of jewellery especially gold ornaments is also considered to be a sound investment. From a home- maker to a professional woman from a salaried man to an industrialist all Indians at one point or other in their lives consider buying a piece of jewellery as an investment for the future. Therefore it can be easily concluded that Indians have an emotional connection to the pieces of jewellery they posses. The love for jewellery that Indians have in their hearts is eternal and priceless.

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