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If this year is all about saving up for you, then be wise and look out for gold bracelets and bangles that offer maximum discounts.


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https://devijewellers.lk/ A GUIDE TO PURCHASING JEWELLERY THIS WEDDING SEASON The wedding season is fast approaching and for most of us it means just one thing - buying plenty of jewellery Whether it ’s your own wedding or a close friend or relative getting married dont we simply love stocking up on new jewellery pieces to flaunt on the big day For most ladies the one piece of jewellery that they cherish the most is usually a pair of gold bangles. What this means is that you should also start looking into new bangle designs to update yourself on what you should be wearing this year. To get you started heres a handy little guide that should see you well on your way. For starters its time to move away from typical chunky jewellery of yore. What you d on’ t want to do when looking out for bangle designs is to stick to the conventional designs. For years we as a country have had a strong preference for chunky big gold bangles and gold bracelets. While this also has to do with the fact that this is an ancient style that never seems to go out of style another reason is the supply or lack thereof. Till now it wasnt possible to work gold in intricate ways and hence you had so many thick bangle designs. Its time to change all that thanks to the recent innovations in jewellery making. Intricate jewellery is the name of the game now and it is more important than ever to jump onto the bandwagon and take advantage of this. Jewellery makers have already responded by creating significantly more intricate designs when it comes to jewellery and bangles and now it is up to us to try out something new. On the other hand experimentation seems to be the trend across the board. Even when it comes to using jewels and gems with bangles dont be afraid to try out something unusual. If you look hard enough you should have no trouble finding some rather interesting options. The same amount of experimentation can be found with the choice of gold used in making the bangles as well. While yellow gold will always remain a classic many people have started exploring the potential of white gold and rose gold. White gold is a cheaper substitute to platinum and is no less gorgeous in any way. on the other hand rose gold opens up more options when it comes to pairing something with different jewels and gemstones. If this year is all about saving up for you then be wise and look out for gold bracelets and bangles that offer maximum discounts. One infallible way to ensure this is to attend one of the bangles melas and gold melas that take place throughout the country. These are essentially jewellery expos where all the top jewellers turn up with their best merchandise. Whats more they also offer the best deals on their goods ensuring you bag some amazing discounts. You will also get some good rates on your old gold jewellery if you wish to sell any so make sure to save up for these melas. Have fun picking out the perfect gold bangles this year and we hope you find the right fit.

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