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INTRODUCTION Fire accidents are occurring now a day in homes and factories.It is necessary to learn the causes affects,remedies of fire accidents this knowledge helps us to reduce fire we have selected this project.


FIRE EXTINGUISHER Presented by:-Naveen Raj.M.N Gopi.R Manjunath Reddy.S Under The Guidance:- K.c.v,B.n.b&Srinivas School Name:Bapu Composite P.U College Standard: ‘9’ ‘ D’sec


OBJECTIVES This project helps us to know about fire extinguisher. 1.To know reasons causing for fire accidents. 2.How to know preventing fire accidents. 3.To know about safety measures during fire accidents. 4.To know about fire accidents.


SUMMARY When we are operating fire extinguisher knob is pressed forcely the outer and inner container breaks and through the nozzle of the container the gas in the form of carbon gets out and the carbon foam is pressed to the distance of 1 to 2 meters with in 30 seconds to 40 seconds.The fire covered by foam type spray with controlling the oxygen supply and cool the fire.This type of fire extinguishers are used in case oil fires and spirit fire etc.


CONTENT 1.What is a fire extinguisher. 2.Construction. 3.Types of fire extinguisher and explain them. 4.Necessities of fire precautions. 5.Reasons for causing the fire extinguisher. 6.Precautions to prevent the fire accidents. 7.Safety precautions. 8.Care and maintenances. 9.Advantages and disadvantages.


WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY FIRE EXTINGUISHER? This is a device which contains chemical mixture for preparing carbon gas to control fire whenever fire accident take place.


CONSTRUCTION It is made to cone shape by metal sheet operating lever norggly body value are the parts of this extinguisher.The body has got red colour applied to indicate to use to fight the danger of fire.When operating lives is operated or pressed down forcely the value opens the chemical mixture sprays outside forcely by forming carbon gas. The cylinder once opened should be used fully for one time.


TYPES OF FIRE EXTINGUISHERS There are four types of fire extinguishers commonly used in industries to fight fire accidents caused by different reasons. 1.Soda acid type fire extinguishers. 2.Foam type of fire extinguishers. 3.Carbon tetra fire extinguishers. 4.Dry chemical fire extinguishers. CLICK HERE


1.To save the lives. 2.To save the products. 3.To save the raw materials. 4.To save the machines and things. Necessities OF FIRE PRECAUTIONS


Reasons for occurrence of fire accidents 1)Due to naked planes causing in contact with materials such as oils clothes and paper etc. 2)Due to improper storage of combustible materials. 3)Due to electrical short circuits. 4)Due to another reason like spontaneous combustion on account of heat congestion etc .Textiles,miles,oil factories,ply-wood factories etc.




SAFETY PRECAUTIONS When liquid spray comes in contact with hot metal the poisons gas will form.This gas should not braked other wise it causes for consciousness of the person and causes to death .When burning magnesium comes in contact this causes for explosion.


Help from the air is always welcome. The planes or helicopters can keep a fire down long enough for the ground crews to wrap it up. It's always fun to have a plane scream over and have the red goo rain down on you.


This is where you earn your pay. Two Arizona crews, (Flagstaff & Prescott), drawing the line with shovels and Pulaski's. I've heard a lot about how the Yellowstone fires were unstoppable. That wasn't always the case. We pinned a few down. Line cutting is tight work. When you want the man ahead of you to move on, you yell......


CARE AND MAINTENANCES This extinguisher should not be placed in any dirty place and water should not be used for cleaning the cylinder other wise there will be human body injuries .


ADVANTAGES AND DIS ADVANTAGES ADVANTAGES DIS ADVANTAGES This type fire extinguisher is very tight in weight and very easy to operate . Powder is also very cheap in cost and very effective to control the fire in initial stage . It is not used for the heavy fire control because it works only for two minutes.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: We are thankful to our respected head mistress KAMALAMMA and to our respected teachersfor helping and guiding to complete this project. We are thankful to schools 0n line for giving an opportunity to do this project.



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