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Speed : 

Speed The computer is a very high speed electronic device. The operations on the data inside the computer are performed through electronic circuits according to the given instructions. The data and instructions flow along these circuits with high speed that is close to the speed of light.

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Computer can perform million of billion of operations on the data in one second. The computer generates signals during the operation process therefore the speed of computer is usually measure in mega hertz (MHz) or Gega hertz (GHz). It means million cycles units of frequency is hertz per second. Different computers have different speed.

Slide 4: 

Computer is a fast calculating device, that performs in few seconds, that a human can do in an entire year. The units of speed in case of computers are micro seconds, nano seconds and Pico seconds. Work done at enormous speed as compare to human beings. Shortly 3 to 4 million simple arithmetic operations per seconds.

Storage : 

Storage A computer has internal storage (memory) as well as external or secondary storage. In secondary storage, a large amount of data can be stored for future use. The stored data and programs are available any time for processing. Similarly information downloaded from the internet can be saved on the storage media.

Slide 6: 

Computer can store and recall any amount of information because of its secondary storage capacity. Even after several years, the information recalled would be accurate as on the day when it fed to the computer. It forgets or looses certain information only when it is asked to do so. The units of memory is in bytes.

Accuracy : 

Accuracy In addition to being very fast, computer is also very accurate device. It gives accurate output result provided that the correct input data and set of instructions are given to the computer. It means that output is totally depended on the given instructions and input data. If input data is in-correct then the resulting output will be in-correct.

Slide 8: 

The accuracy of a computer is consistently high and the degree of accuracy depends upon its own design. It will perform every operation with same accuracy. It can produce accurate results at a high degree of 100%. Example: Only accurate robots are used to perform the operations for the patients since human hands are not flexible for making operations.

Diligence : 

Diligence Computer is free from monotony, tiredness, and lack of concentration. It can work continuously for hours without errors. If 10 million calculations has to be performed, a computer can perform the 10th million calculation exactly with same accuracy and speed as first one.

Versatility : 

Versatility Versatile means flexible. Modern computer can perform different kind of tasks one by one of simultaneously. It is the most important feature of computer. At one moment your are playing game on computer, the next moment you can send the emails. Computer can be used to solve the problems related to different fields like commercial, scientific, educational, research and defense.

Automation : 

Automation A computer can automatically perform operations without interfering the user during the operations. It controls automatically different devices attached with the computer. It executes automatically the program instructions one by one.

No Feelings : 

No Feelings Computer is an electronic machine. It has no feelings. It detects objects on the basis of instructions given to it. Based on our feelings, taste, knowledge and experience: we can make certain decisions and judgments in our daily life. On the other hand, computer can not make such judgments on their own. Their judgments are totally based on instructions given to them.

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