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Destiny Sscience, a holistic NUMEROLOGY, VAASTU & FENG-SHUI research institute lead by Mr. Arviend Sud was established in June 2000 in New Delhi (India). Mr. Arviend Sud is one of the pioneers on the subject of Numerology and Vaastu. He is considered to be the Trainer of Trainers because many big names which you see on Youtube and on other platforms are the product of Destiny Sscience.


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Numerology in Delhi Numerology is a science. A science which is much simpler compared to astrology. While astrology requires a dedicated study and years of practice the science of numerology can be mastered in a few years of study. Numerology is a logical science but is easy to learn and is easy to apply. Both the sciences make predictions but with numerology the science of prediction can be learned in less time and in an easy way. Numerology is a study which teaches us to know about the strength and weakness of an individual and predict their future to unleash the beautiful journey of life. Numerology as a subject can be learned by everyone irrespective of their age gender or caste. Numerology can be taken as a career path by an individual to earn money and fame. Various institutes offer courses in numerology. In respect to India Delhi has many well- renowned institutions to learn the science of numerology.

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Learn numerology in Delhi- ⇒ International School of Astrology The institute is a well-renowned institute offering courses in numerology such as certificate course Diploma Course and Advanced Course in numerology. ⇒ Ank Jyotishacharya Numerology courses are offered by Ank Jyotishcharya. The duration is of 6 months. The institution also provides an individual with the facility of long-distance learning. A certificate is awarded to the students at the end of the course. ⇒ All India Institute of Occult Science The institute provides a certificate course which is of a duration of 2 months diploma course which has a duration of two months too. The institute provides online classes as well. These institutes mentioned above provide various numerology courses. The students are taught the subject through live sessions and interactive classes and real-life case studies.

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Numerology compatibility- It is the study of an individuals life path number which reveals a lot of information. Numerological compatibility helps to study a persons love life and their success chart. The study also reveals a persons personality and how they would react if subjected to various situations. Numerology compatibility gives an insight into a persons future and this information can guide you in taking decisions and making important life choices.

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