Beyond Impossible


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2 Kings 6:8-23:

2 Kings 6:8-23 Beyond The Impossible..!

He Knows His God:

He Knows His God God who will never leave us nor forsake us Genesis 28:15 God who will always protect us Joshua 10:25 God that gives us courage in times of needs Joshua 1:9

He has Faith in God:

He has Faith in God The ability to see beyond the naked eyes Hebrews 11:1 Faith that gives us courage to do things right Psalms 40:1 Courage that brings reality to our dreams Isaiah 58:14

He has the power from God:

He has the power from God The power to open our spiritual eyes Matthew 13:14-17 The power to do miracles and wonders Mark 16:15-18 The power to love our enemies Matthew 5:44,Romans12:21

Beyond The Impossible..! :

Beyond The Impossible..! He knows His God He has Faith in God He has the power from God

God Bless You all….!!:

God Bless You all….!!

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