Signs and Reasons for AOL Desktop Gold Error


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Signs and Reasons for AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104 :

Signs and Reasons for AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104


AOL Desktop Gold is an Amazing software, yet somehow people get into troubles while using this software. One of the common problems with this software is  AOL Desktop Gold Error code 104 . This error occurs when you try to download & install AOL Desktop Gold. In this blog, you will know every little detail about the installation error.   Signs of AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104 When you encounter this error, you can see these symptoms on your computer . ‘ AOL Error 104’ displays on your screen. Your computer screen can freeze for few seconds continuously . Open AOL windows run slow and sluggishly without responding to any command from keyboard and mouse.


Reasons behind AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104 There can be various reasons due to which Error code 104 occurs in the AOL Desktop Gold software.   The biggest reason behind this Error is the corrupt download files of this software. This files can damage the software and your computer. So you should get rid of these files as soon as possible. Corrupt Windows registry system due to recent browsing and downloads. Virus or malware activity in the computer, which has damaged the software files. Incomplete or improper download and installation of AOL Desktop Gold software.


A solution of AOL Desktop Gold Error 104 Installation error can frustrate a user because they are unable to use the services after paying for the service. So, to  Fix AOL Desktop Gold Error Code 104 , go through below-given methods. Use an Antivirus software There are chances that, your computer is infected by some virus or malware. So, use an Antivirus software and scan the whole computer. Then remove all the specious files from your computer . 2. System compatibility Ensure that your computer meets all the system requirements to use AOL Desktop Gold software. Else, you will continuously face the errors with AOL Desktop Gold software.


  Clear junk files from your computer   Unused files stored in the computer occupies the HDD space and make the computer slow. So, delete the unwanted files from your computer.   Reinstall AOL Desktop Gold software After performing all the above-given steps, if the error is still occurring, then reinstall the AOL Desktop Gold software. For that follow these steps:   Go to control panel and click on ‘Programs’. Then choose to uninstall AOL Desktop Gold software. Then download AOL Desktop Gold software again from your AOL premium membership account.

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