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Hosted Applications- Definition, Benefits, popular applications, hosted solutions by DeskPointe


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Hosted Applications - Benefits & Popular Applications:

Hosted Applications - Benefits & Popular Applications

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Index What are Hosted Applications? Benefits of Hosted Applications Popular Hosted Applications Hosted Solutions By DeskPointe

What are Hosted Applications?:

What are Hosted Applications? Hosted applications are services & software applications maintained on powerful servers that are delivered across the internet. In Hosted applications software resides on servers that are accessed through the internet instead of traditional software that is installed on either local server or individual PCs.

Hosted Applications:

Hosted Applications SERVER

Benefits of Hosted Applications:

Benefits of Hosted Applications Lower start-up costs Providers manage the applications Reduced software costs Minimal Risk Access to data from anywhere with internet No need to synchronize data with multiple devices Investment in file servers & network infrastructure eliminated

Popular Hosted Applications:

Popular Hosted Applications Peachtree QuickBooks Microsoft Office Enterprise Resource Solution (ERP)

Hosted Solutions by DeskPointe:

Hosted Solutions by DeskPointe Hosted Legal Solutions Word Perfect Timeslips Quicken Abacus Hosted Healthcare Solutions Medisoft AppMed

Hosted Solutions by DeskPointe:

Hosted Solutions by DeskPointe Hosted Financial Solutions QFloors AnyTime Organizer

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