5 Common Symptoms of Dental Cavity

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Do you have cavities? A cavity is a hole in your tooth caused by an infection, enamel erosion or tooth decay. Read this file to learn about the common symptoms of a dental cavity.


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5 Common Symptoms of Dental Cavities

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Introduction Dental cavities are the permanently damaged sections in the teeth’s hard surface that develop into small holes or openings. Cavities also known as tooth decay or caries are caused by several factors together including frequent snacking having sugary drinks bacteria in your mouth and not cleaning your teeth properly. Cavities and tooth decay are one of the worlds most common health problems. They are most common in children teenagers and older adults.

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Common Symptoms of a Dental Cavity 1. Toothache: Any spontaneous pain or pain that suddenly happens without a particular cause may be a sign of a dental cavity. 2. Tooth Sensitivity: If you have a tooth that feels sensitive to the touch. 3. Pain During Eating or Drinking: If you have mild to sharp pain when you are eating or drinking something hot cold or sweet it can be a symptom of tooth decay.

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Common Symptoms of a Dental Cavity: 4. Visible Holes: When you look into your mouth if you can see visible pits or holes in your teeth then there is a problem. 5. Teeth Staining: The surface of your teeth has black brown or white staining which can be a sign that you have a dental cavity.

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