Top 7 Fastest Growing Industries to workin USA

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Looking for career growth abroad, have a look at the top 7 USA industries to start with.


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Top 7 Fastest Growing Industries to work in USA

1. Construction Industry:

1. Construction Industry With a market share of around 10 percent, the United States is the second largest construction market worldwide. Careers Benefits in Construction Industry Significant opportunities. Career stability. Financial Growth. And the knowledge that your hard-earned skills won't go to waste anytime soon Stats 5,525,600 jobs in 2010. 7,365,100 jobs expected till 2020. 2.9% annual job growth.

2. health Care Industry:

2. health Care Industry As the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare , kicks in and the population ages, hiring in the health care industry will increase enormously. Benefits of Health Care Careers Different Job types & options Greater career variability and flexibility. Financial Growth. Higher rates of job satisfaction increases job stability. Stats 3,818,200 jobs in 2010. 5,209,600 jobs in 2020. 3.2% annual job growth .

3. Technology Industry :

3. Technology Industry Technology industry job growth is three times faster than other areas of the private sector all across US . Benefits of Technology as Career Incredible Perks Awesome Benefits. Fast Financial Growth. And the knowledge that you will be developing ability to create products and solutions Stats 259,800 jobs in 2010. 351,600 jobs in 2020. 3.1% annual job growth.

4. Facilities support services :

4. Facilities support services If growth is recorded in any industry, it is obvious that the demand for facility management services will increase too. Benefits of Facility Support Services as Career More Opportunities as your experience increases. Career Stability with more options. Regular Financial Growth. No specific expertise required. Stats 134,000 jobs in 2010. 177,600 jobs in 2020. 2.9% annual job growth

5. Wood product manufacturing:

5. W ood product manufacturing Wood or Lumber industry is considered to one of the most reliable industry in USA for employment. What does this mean for you? Significant opportunities with variety of sectors. Career Enhancement with educational & training programs for different level. Financial Growth – weekly wages are 40% high compared to other retail & service industries. Stats 64,700 jobs in 2010. 94,900 jobs in 2020. 3.9% annual job growth.

6. Individual and family services:

6. Individual and family services Individual and family services industry or human service industry has been rapidly advancing in government, financial resources, and primarily, societal need, which has fueled growth in this professions. Career Benefits of Human Service Significant opportunities because of substantial replacement needs. Relatively stable workforce and demand . Continued Financial Growth. And the satisfaction that you have participated in betterment of individual or of society. Stats 1,215,000 jobs in 2010. 2,066,400 jobs in 2020. 5.5% annual job growth.

7. Consulting Industry:

7 . Consulting Industry Consulting industry revenues are growing rapidly for all sectors in USA . Career Benefits of Consulting Industry Good money The opportunity to travel Exposure to many different industries and business models The chance to work with many different kinds of leaders Smart coworkers Flexibility and freedom Stats 991,400 jobs in 2010. 1,567,000 jobs in 2020. 4.7% annual job growth.

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